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Steps in How to Delete Multiple Posts at Once

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When we save drafts on Blogger, they automatically get saved. But if you have made several drafts, how will you find out which one you'll need and which of them to delete?

Here’s a tutorial that will assist you solve this issue. This is from Ankit Kumar Singla who shares simple measures on how you'll be able to delete multiple posts all as well.

  • Sign into Blogger > Blogger Dashboard > Posts

  • Select the posts you need to delete. If you want to delete your draft posts, simply choose Draft, also to delete the posts you’ve published, choose Published.

  • Once you might have selected the unwanted posts, hit the delete icon that's seen beneath the blog title.

  • A pop-up box will then appear. Click OK button to confirm.

Now it’s done. Hope Ankit’s tutorial helps.

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