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Securely Delete Files in Windows with DeleteOnClick

deleteonclickMany PC users think that when you delete data and empty your Recycle Bin, you’ve securely deleted any file or folder inside. This just isn’t true. Those files can nevertheless be recovered using the right software. In order to securely delete files in Windows, you need to rely on third party program. DeleteOnClick is one of them.

DeleteOnClick gives Windows users the opportunity to securely delete files or folders not being used. It utilizes the United States Department of Defense 5220.22-M deletion standard which ensures total removal of what you would like to delete.

Using DeleteOnClick to Securely Delete Files

Once you've downloaded and installed DeleteOnClick, restart your PC. Your will be able to find a “Securely Delete” option within your context menu. Anytime you right-click on folders or folder you’re not using, you’ll get access to securely delete the item.

1. Right-click on any file or folder.

Right-click to pick Securely Delete Files

As long because file or folder is available over a drive that you've got full entry to, you need to use DeleteOnClick to eliminate it permanently.

2. Click on “Secure Delete” to begin the process.

3. A confirmation will be asking if you’re sure you want to delete the file or folder.


4. Click “Yes” for this.

Depending for the size, it will take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes to finish.

Free or Paid?

DeleteOnClick also provides a paid version. If you opt to find the OnClick Utilities suite, you will probably be able to utilize it to do the next in DeleteOnClick:

  • Rename files and take away dates and file attributes before deletion

  • Quickly wipe free disk space

  • Securely wipe free disk space

  • Securely wipe the items in the Recycle Bin

Regardless with the version, you'll be able to still securely delete files or folders with military grade deletion.


While so many people are contented using the Recycle Bin, this app also comes in useful once you want to securely delete your files beyond recovery. The ability to securely delete your files straight from the context menu makes it even better. What do you think? Will this app be appropriate to you?

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