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NeoRouter – A Zero Configuration Remote Access & VPN Solution

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NeoRouter is really a free zero-configuration VPN solution that gives your small business, an isolated access solution that is secure as well as simple to use. For those who are unaware of the term VPN, it means Virtual Private Network, which securely connects computers at various location on the globe, in to a virtual LAN, to offer you access to Application sharing, Remote Desktop, Files, Folder & Printer sharing, and so on. All one needs is a high-speed Internet connection, both on Server along with the remote location.

NeoRouter comes with a lot of features helping to make this application special. First and foremost the application support various platforms like:

  1. HTML 5 based Web Application

  2. Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 2003 / 2008 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

  3. Mac OS X

  4. Linux 32-bit

  5. Linux 64-bit

  6. Raspbian

  7. FreeBSD

  8. Android

  9. iOS

  10. NeoRouter in-a-box

NeoRouter let you:

  1. Access home computers securely from anywhere

  2. Assist friends and family with computer problems remotely

  3. Share photos and videos with relatives and buddies

  4. Protect your Internet traffic on public Wi-Fi hotspots

  5. Play network games.

One in the feature is P2P Support. NeoRouter can build direct peer-to-peer link between computers. When direct P2P connection is impossible (e.g. your personal machine is behind a company firewall), NeoRouter relays the network traffic through your own router, while other VPN products relay by way of a central server geologically located far away and shared by a huge number of other users.

NeoRouter also support portable client setup - so that you can run NeoRouter without admin rights and create your VPN connection. If you’re in your friend’s computer, you are able to just run the portable application from your USB oral appliance configure you’re VPN. NeoRouter supports unattended server - which means it will run being a system service. So after rebooting one's body, NeoRouter service will begin by itself. This will let you hook up with your network and access the files. NeoRouter also supports Proxy servers that really work with HTTP Proxy, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols.

One feature I liked best about NeoRouter is Remote Wakeup. This lets you put your personal machine to Sleep. When a client connects to the network, it is going to wake your computer and will be fully functional. You also have to be able to restrict certain users from accessing a particular computer.

The installation part is simple. Just run the setup and it's going to asking as to whether you want to set up a NeoRouter Client or Server. Choose the Server if you’re inatallation for the first time

image thumb19 NeoRouter - A Zero Configuration Remote Access & VPN Solution

It will commence the installation and prompt to setup a device driver as well. Once that’s complete it'll ask you to definitely enter your Domain name information and password.

image thumb20 NeoRouter - A Zero Configuration Remote Access & VPN Solution

Once you enter these records it may take 5 to 7 seconds make it possible for the Next button. Once you see Next, select it and go into the username and password information.

image thumb21 NeoRouter - A Zero Configuration Remote Access & VPN Solution

Once that’s done, the setup will have you forward Port 32976 with your Router’s Firewall. Since most of the routers have NAT setup because the default, it blocks all the ports. So as soon as you forward the port, select Next and Finish.

NeoRouter free download

You can download it from here.

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