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‘Listen’ to print articles and RSS feeds on-the-go as MP3 podcasts, with SoundGecko

Do you want reading articles but don’t have the time? Would it be far easier to LISTEN to the numerous articles you want to read as podcasts on the daily commute? That’s where modern technology comes in to create us programs like SoundGecko. No, it’s not a program to insure your MP3 files, it’s actually a course for converting articles and websites into audio format and listening to them on any device.

SoundGecko makes listening to articles on the go a one-click affair. You can paste a URL in the SoundGecko website or use the Chrome extension to convert articles, download them, send the crooks to cloud storage if that suits you, or simply listen because they magically show up on the SoundGecko apps for iOS, Android, or Windows phone. Best of all, your MP3s are of which high quality that you may forget them to be the product of text-to-speech technology.

SoundGecko Screenshot2 - Android App

SoundGecko Screenshot1 - Chrome ExtensionSoundGecko Screenshot1 - Chrome Extension

More and more people are playing content instead of reading it. It started with radio plays then books on tape but has progressed to audiobooks read by highly successful people in MP3 format that you could download from Amazon or possibly a host of other places for a small fee. There are even apps devoted to nothing but audiobooks. That being the situation, it’s no shock that there’s now a program devoted entirely to creating more audio text that you should listen to inside the car, while jogging, a fitness center, or where ever else you could possibly like.

SoundGecko is a fairly simple but effective program that, essentially, takes any web site or RSS feed and automatically turns it into an MP3 file text-to-speech spoken version with the original. The basic use with this is to be capable to catch up on the landing pages of your favorite websites while your ocular orbs are otherwise engaged your auditory cusps have the freedom. In other words, it lets you pay attention to articles and posts as opposed to read them. The process is simple enough that even kids will be able to handle it, consisting mostly of copying and pasting a URL and then saving the resulting audio file. You can then send those files where ever you like, using email or any other avenues. You will need to enter a real world address, that can also get a notification if the completed conversion is ready to be used. Giving out one’s email is apparently the basic price covered nearly all downloadable freeware today. If you join using that email, you'll be able to download the resulting mp3 files. If you don’t signing in, and simply enter a URL, it is going to just start playing the file for the page (as pictured below).

SoundGecko Screenshot3

SoundGecko Screenshot3

There are two ‘plans’ available, the free as well as the premium. The differences are in features, however the free version permits you to do as much as 30 articles each month and this is much more than adequate for that average person. Only the more extreme or professional audiophile needs the premium package, and that’s as it should be. The free version also allows one RSS feed being converted and sent monthly, the nice addition to the service you could possibly expect, given the recent explosion of RSS feeds as being a major news feed.

All in all I was pleased with SoundGecko. I would like to see a lot more features added on the free version but there’s always room for improvement if your developer is willing to put inside the time and to continue supporting their product. There are mobile apps readily available for SoundGecko on the Android, iOS and also Windows Phone platforms, and that’s a big plus in my book.  In any case, SoundGecko will probably be worth checking out if you wish to save some time by listening instead of reading your selected web articles. Until the next occasion, my girlfriends.

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