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Le Dimmer helps you focus on your task & avoid distractions

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Avoiding a number of distractions while working will help you complete your task quickly and productively. Isn’t it? Often we keep many programs open simultaneously, in order that we can have immediate access to them once we want. However, in the act we forget that this causes distractions. Running many programs concurrently can make you forget which program you are using currently. As such, it’s always better to have an application accessible that can dim everything on the desktop except the active window so you know which program you were using. Le Dimmer a little portable freeware does so. The application automatically dims everything in your desktop apart from the active window, allowing you to focus completely on your task.

Using Le dimmer is pretty straightforward. Just download the approval, extract its contents and run the application. Upon installation you can see a tiny bulb icon residing in the system tray.

Le dimmer icon Le Dimmer makes it possible to focus in your task & avoid distractions

When seen, the dimming action starts straight away. Launch another program simply that one is viewed active, other dims away.

Le dimmer dimming Le Dimmer helps you focus on your task & avoid distractions

That’s not it! If you would further prefer to increase the a higher level dimming, there’s a helpful command line switch you may make use of. Give the program lots between 0 and 255 (“LeDimmer.exe 150″) and you’re setting the “dim factor”. 150 will be the default; enhancing the value will darken the remainder of the screen a little more forward. Reducing it will reduce the dimming effect. Check its ReadMe file for more information.

LeDimmer usage Le Dimmer helps you focus on your task & avoid distractions

For some reason, should you not like the dimming effect, it is possible to close the application form. Simply right-click the icon and select ‘Quit’ option. Alternatively, it is possible to use the Ctrl-Shift-Q hotkey to give up. Le Dimmer primarily serves 2 functions

  1. It is easy on the eyes

  2. Lets you focus on your own task

Interested users can download the approval from this page.

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