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How to Add or Remove Language Packs in Windows 8

Most Windows PCs include English his or her default language. However, you can add or remove language packs as necessary and Windows 8 makes it easier than ever before. While in Windows 7, merely the Ultimate or Enterprise version comes with the capacity to install additional languages via Windows Update, language packs in Windows 8 might be quickly downloaded and installed without much trouble.

How to provide language packs in Windows 8

1. From the Start screen, seek out “Language,” then click “Add a language.”


2. Click “Add a language.”

Adding language packs in windows 8

Windows will provide you with a vast listing of languages that it supports. You can have the list to discover the language you would like and change the way languages are categorized to find them quicker.

3. Once you select a base language, it provides you with a variety of sub-languages within that primary language. These might be subtle differences in dialects and geological locations.


We’ve chosen to add Spanish (Mexico) by simply clicking that language pack, then “Add” in the bottom right corner in the window.

4. This will redirect you to definitely the Language options screen for your language that’s planning to be installed.


From here, download and install the text pack, alter the input method to the language and change Windows’ default spellcheck options based on the text.

Click “Download and install language pack” to carry on.


5. A Windows Update pop-up will show up and begin the download and installation process. This can take a moment, so let it run its course.

6. When finished downloading and installing, restart the PC.

7. Upon reboot, you’ll see ENG since the default input language located on the right side with the taskbar.


Click on it.

8. The keyboard input can be quickly changed from English to the language of choice here.

The language preferences may also be accessed from this new taskbar addition.

Once installed, there aren't any new choices for a language other than the uninstall option.

How to switch between languages

If you head back on the main Language window like the 1st step above, you'll be able to switch between languages as necessary by simply clicking the primary language.


You should restart Windows for the changes to consider effect.

How to remove a language pack from Windows 8

Once a language pack is installed, because with the time it takes to download and install, it doesn’t must be removed; just stick to the above steps to modify between languages.

However, if you need to remove a language pack to release hard disk space, navigate to the main Language window and click on the language you want to uninstall.

Click “Remove.”

Removing language packs in windows 8

Another pop-up can look and the uninstall process begins. Again, this is a lengthy process, so sit back and let Windows complete it.

Once the uninstall ends, a prompt will instruct to restart laptop computer once more.


Adding and removing language packs in Windows 8 is a lot more seamless of computer was in Windows 7 with more options available to obtain the perfect language for the PC experience. Have you caused language packs in Windows 8? Let us know inside comments below the method that you would compare the process to the best way it was previoulsy carried out Windows 7.

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