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Guide to Writing a Promotion Via Twitter

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One of the extremely simple but effective ways of promote your product, a meeting, or possibly a site is by posting on Twitter. It may not appear to be much, when done effectively, it can be a powerful tool to reach your market. The only catch about posting tweets is that Twitter only allows 140 characters, so generating interest within those 140 characters could be very tricky.

Here are a few helpful tips I learned how you can create an efficient promotional tweet.

  • Make it short. Even if the limit is often a mere 140 characters, it’s better to use only 100 or 120 for the most part. That way, when others retweet your posting, they can add their unique words at the same time.

  • Think of an memorable headline that will attract your followers. In Twitter, this post will simply be lost among other tweets in one or two refreshes, so you have to make a high-impact message.

  • Provoke your potential customers. Don’t just elaborate on your own product or event, but say something intriguing as well as controversial. This way, you’re more likely to get a reaction.

  • Interact with readers. Not only in case you answer inquiries business readers, nevertheless, you should try to initiate conversations with them as well.

  • Check your grammar and punctuation. Follow the standard rules of proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, and avoid using all caps in order to get attention.

  • Use link shorteners when needed. If your link is lengthy, you'll be able to shorten it via or another link shortening sites.

  • Ask readers to retweet this page. Use the word ‘retweet’ as it gets more reader responses.

  • Use hashtags. Hashtags assist in improving the chances of reading good reader interaction from a posts, but limit the number of your hashtags to 2.

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