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Facebook Unveils New API for Comment Reply Monitoring

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Facebook has unveiled its latest threaded comments to post on Fan Pages. This feature is extremely useful to everyone since it made online interactions more organized. If you want this thing to become added in your web site, lucky you since the social media giant has produced a new update for its API comments and replies on its pages.

By using this new feature, it is possible to monitor all comments that you will receive and reply to them easily.

The update gives developers three different basic views from the comments on the page.  These views are Top Level Comments, where comments are ranked on such basis as replies and quality; Replies, where you can post a quick answer a post’s comment; and Comment Streams, where all top-level comments and replies are arranged in chronological order so the latter would not be ranked.

Now you may be wondering the reasons you don’t see it on your Facebook Fan Page.  It’s since this is enabled limited to pages with 1,000+ fans. Anyway this method will become default by June10 to any or all pages, which means you just have to wait more time if you haven’t reached lots of followers yet.

You can check out the Facebook Developers Blog for additional information and the API documentation for instructions.

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