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Disable CPU Core Parking For Dual And Quad Processors

Did you know the cores with your processor might not be used and for that reason you can disable cpu core parking? Sounds crazy but the CPU cores are parked and never being utilized.

I got a new new hp laptop that has seven cores and I wished to know if the operating-system was actually using these cores. To my surprise there were only 3 with the cores getting used. See the screenshot below. Every second core is parked.

parked cpu

How to See if Your CPU is Parked?

  1. Press ctrl + alt + del on the keyboard to spread out the task manager.

  2. Go on the Performance tab.

  3. Down the underside you will see a button for resource monitor, click that.

  4. Go for the CPU tab as shown above inside the screen shot.

  5. Now you are able to see if any of your CPU’s are parked.

Why is My CPU Cores Parked?

I do not know for sure but it could have connected with power saving. But do I really need to save power or make use of all the available resources that all of my CPU’s will give me? Well I personally need to get use beyond what I covered and that means disabling parked CPU cores. I want all of them enabled. I cannot be certain if this would speed up my computer but I was ready to give it a try.

How to Disable CPU Core Parking

Warning: For this step you have to edit the registry this also is not for new computer users. One wrong move inside the registry can render your personal machine unusable.

1. Go on the start menu and type in regedit to take up the Windows registry.

2. When within the registry click for the edit menu and select Find in the menu.

3. Search for this registry key 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583

4. You will be taken straight to it. In the right column you will note MinValue and Maxvalue.

5. Double visit them and change the values to 0. (zero)

reg value

6. After you have done that go back towards the edit menu and judge find next. That will require to another entry.

7. Change the MinValue and Maxvalue to 0. I did this a total of twice.

8. Now close the registry and restart your computer.

Disable CPU Core Parking Using Msconfig

1. Go to the start menu and type in msconfig.

2. The system configuration box will open.

3. Click for the Boot tab as shown below. Then click about the Advanced options button.

parked cpu2

4. Tick the box where is says amount of processors and after that choose the amount of processors you wish to enable within the drop down menu. I chose 7.

parked cpu21

After completing those two tutorials I rebooted my computer and after this all of my CPU cores are working hard. See my new screenshot below. It no more says that my CPU is parked also it seems that they are all working hard.

all cpu cores will work

Disable CPU Core Parking - Does It Speed up Your Computer?

OK soon after rebooting my Windows Seven laptop I did notice an incredible speed increase. Some programs opened in a flash and shocked me! So i believe if you disable CPU core parking it will accelerate your computer.

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