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Convert Facebook Profile To A Page

Hi readers, 

Hello Readers, Here I am back with another Facebook trick by which you can convert your facebook profile to facebook page. We are always surprised once we see that that the business or organization remains using a Facebook Profile instead of Page. Not only that’s against Facebook rules and also they are missing on all the features which a Page has to offer to them.

But Be aware that if you convert your profile to some Page, your profile pictures is going to be transferred, causing all of your friends will likely be automatically added as those who like your Page. No other content will likely be carried over to your new Page, so be sure to save any important content before beginning your migration.



1) Uploaded photos, wall posts, comments won’t increase the risk for move. It’s far better to download the products so as not to lose them forever.

2) Facebook messages disappear, even though page will have messaging capability.

3) Linked applications will no longer be linked. 


1) A page with lots of likes without the hard work or promotion.

2) Detailed information about those that like the page from Facebook Insights.

3) Promotional features that make it easy to create badges, like boxes and Facebook ads.

4) Increased privacy for administrators and followers.

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Play Java Mobile Games on PC

Hi readers, 

If you are addicted to learn mobile games then this is actually the tool which allows you to experience mobile games in pc. I found interesting program , that allows you to play cellular phone games on your laptop. KEmulator Lite is emulator that lets you do simply that, it’s a free simple app which enables a lot of people who will be interested in mobile phone games.


1) Download KEMULATOR from below given Download link.

2) Extract the zip file, followed by run KEmulator.exe file.

3) Go to Midlet -> Load Jar/Load with console and choose the game that you want to play.

3) That's It !! Now Enjoy Your Game.

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Android Secret Codes

Hi readers, 

Android is probably the most famous OS for mobiles, so here are some hidden secret codes listed just check it out in your android supported phone and enjoy.


*#*#4636#*#* ( Displays Phone Information, Battery Information, Battery History & Usage Statistics ).


*#*#7780#*#* ( Displays Google account settings, System and application data settings, Downloaded applications )

Note : This code will not remove current system softwares and applications, & SD card files.


*2767*3855# ( It will remove all files and settings such as the internal memory storage, it'll likewise reinstall phone firmware )

Please Note : Once you dialled this number, fat loss to cancel this without removing your battery quickly. So think carefully before putting this code.


*#*#34971539#*#* ( Update camera firmware in image, Update camera firmware in SD card, Displays camera firmware version, Get firmware update count )


*#*#197328640#*#* ( This code is employed to enter into Service Mode, You can run various tests and change settings within the service mode )


*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* ( This code opens personal files copy screen which you could backup your media files. EX -- Images, Sounds & Videos )


*#*#0*#*#* ( LCD Test )

*#*#3264#*#* ( Version Of RAM )

*#*#2663#*#* ( Version Of Touch Screen )

*#*#0842#*#* ( Vibration & Backlight Test )

*#*#2664#*#* ( Touch Screen Test )

*#*#0588#*#* ( Sensor Test )


*#*#4986*2650468#*#* ( PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate )

*#*#2222#*#* ( FTA HW Version )

*#*#44336#*#* ( PDA, Phone, CSC, Build Time, Change List Number )

*#*#1111#*#* ( FTA SW Version )

*#*#1234#*#* ( PDA & Phone )


*#*#232339#*#* OR *#*#526#*#* OR *#*#528#*#* ( Wlan Test )
*#*#232338#*#* ( Display WIFI Mac Address )
*#*#1472365#*#* ( GPS Test )
*#*#232331#*#* ( Bluetooth Test )
*#*#232337#*#* ( Display Bluetooth Device Address )

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Pointofix: annotate your screen when giving presentations – easily and for free!

Whether you have to give presentations for business, education, or another purpose; you will know the best presentations possess a large performance as well as theatrical component. And no matter how well prepared you have advance, there is often the have to explain things immediately, to outline points and figures, and do ad-hoc illustrations. Wouldn’t be great if you could draw upon the screen whilst you were giving a presentation, using different tools and colors?

PointoFix for Windows is freeware that permits you to do simply that. It works anywhere on any screen, regardless if you are presenting with Powerpoint, PDF, an online presentation software or whatever. It offers a variety of tools for on-screen annotation and also lets you useful annotations or print them.

PointoFix Screenshot

PointoFix Screenshot

Four explanations why I like this software;

  • Offers installable and portable versions both

  • A very great deal of tools

  • Lets you useful annotations, in case you find them useful.

  • Offers an opportunity for semitransparent markings and text, which can be very useful.

Areas where it may be improved:

  • You ought to download the English translation file separately, and after that move it in to the program folder. No biggie, but doing it from the settings would have been better.

  • CTRL+Z is used as a shortcut for magnification, as opposed to undo (?), which does not seem to be changeable. To undo, you have to click for the undo button about the program dialog, which is counter intuitive.

The verdict:

A excellent program. If you give you a lot of presentations you should possess a copy taking place, in case you need it. The fact that there’s a conveyable version signifies that you can plug a USB drive and stay up and running with this particular program anywhere.) More info in English here.

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Review: D-Link DIR-505

Review: D-Link DIR-505

Having your own personal wireless network when you find yourself travelling can be essential, particularly if need to transform a hotel's complimentary wired connection right into a wireless one on your tablet or smartphone, and also the D-Link DIR-505 SharePort Mobile Companion is often a device that can do just that.

Like the TP-Link TL-WR702N Wireless N Nano Router, the D-Link DIR-505 is a small, portable device that one could plug into an Ethernet network connection and turn in to a wireless router to express your internet connection.

It can also work as an invisible repeater, extending the range of your Wi-Fi network, and will act as a radio hotspot. All these options can be easily selected using a sliding switch at the top of the D-Link DIR-505's body.

A pretty cool feature from the D-Link DIR-505 is always that its power adaptor is built-in, making it easy to carry around.

Unfortunately, the look means that the USB port (used for charging your devices) along with the Ethernet port tend to be on the bottom with the body, that make it awkward to access if the power socket is way too close to the floor. It also means you'll should carry a USB extension cable to charge up your devices.

You can access and share files on any attached USB stick, which can be a nice touch, and setting up the router wasn't difficult.


The D-Link DIR-505 doesn't offer stellar connection speeds weren't stellar, however they were fast enough and dependable enough to offer decent wireless while from the road. Although the design presents some niggles, this really is handy treatment for the connection woes of travelling workers.

Review: Canon PIXMA MX455

Review: Canon PIXMA MX455

It seems incredible that you can buy a multifunction printer with fax for less than £60, but that's all this new office-orientated Canon PIXMA MX455 costs.

Keeping the purchase price down has triggered a few compromises, but there's plenty to commend it too.

You can connect through USB or Wi-Fi, and not Ethernet. For mobile printing there's AirPrint and Canon's Easy-PhotoPrint app, but PIXMA Cloud Link isn't supported, which means no native Google Cloud Print.

There's no colour screen, merely a two-line LCD, simply two ink tanks, a pigment black and tri-colour. This makes it costlier to run, as is available to replace the three-colour tank regardless of whether only one of the colours has be used up. Don't expect auto-duplex either.

There's a 30-sheet ADF for that scanner, but only one 100-sheet paper input. If you want to switch to photo paper or letterheads, you have to reload. The output tray is a bit short too.

The MX455 excels on the net quality. Text is clear and bright, though a little slow. Photo paper prints are near lab quality, or a default-settings plain paper photo print impressed. Although not very lively, it absolutely was clear, smooth and made good use of colour. A photocopy of the recent MacFormat cover was good, despite a bit banding.

Updated Bing Weather App for Windows 8 gets a dynamic map

A day or two back Apps for Windows 8, that's News, Finance, Weather, Sports, Maps and Travel were refreshed and were rolled out a tremendous set of updates through the apps except the Bing Weather app. Today the Bing Weather app for Windows 8 too got updated.

Bingweather01 Bing Weather App for Windows 8 updated

If we check its release notes, still says:

Key updates to this particular release of the Weather app include:

  • 10 events of detailed weather forecasts hour by hour

  • Updates to historical weather information

  • Additional information including sunrise/sunset

  • New weather background images

  • Performance enhancements

So it would appear that these notes have not yet included the principle update provided to the app yet. On opening the updated app, one thing you’ll notice can be a new Get Started panel which will make adding your preferred places easier. Clicking on it takes you to Places where one can easily add the Place he wants. One can remove this panel, if someone doesn’t want to buy.

Bingweather02 Bing Weather App for Windows 8 updated

On right-clicking it, you will see some new options like Ski resorts in the App bars.

Bingweather03 Bing Weather App for Windows 8 updated

The release notes do not mention regarding the new maps. The updates have dynamically moving weather maps for your city or region in many categories including satellite, temperature, precipitation, cloud cover and radar. You also get weather conditions at ski resorts in 24 countries around the globe shown in the beautiful way. These maps include the new ones. Looks a lot better than earlier ones. Apart from the maps, app provides plenty of historical weather data much like the earlier version.

Bingweather04 Bing Weather App for Windows 8 updated

Selecting one of the categories and hitting the arrow, runs the map in full screen mode showing the alterations dynamically like cloud movement, etc.

Bingweather04b Bing Weather App for Windows 8 updated

Scrolling further horizontally, the primary Bing weather screen provides details of the Ski resort should your place has one nearby, allow me to share few screenshots -

Bingweather05 Bing Weather App for Windows 8 updated

It offers a lot of information on each place in addition to Alerts if any.

Bingweather06 Bing Weather App for Windows 8 updated

Bingweather07 Bing Weather App for Windows 8 updated

Scrolling further horizontally, provides Next Steps panel providing links for several useful options including sending feedback in regards to the app, what you like and what you tend not to like, your suggestions, etc.

Bingweather08 Bing Weather App for Windows 8 updated

I’m not sure if there was ads being shown earlier too, the good news is you have two Bing Ads shown in between.

If you haven’t checked of these Bing Weather updates, obtain the update now in the Windows 8 Store. Bing Weather app is just one of my favorite apps. It’s a beautiful app which I put it to use daily.

How to Get Others to Share Your Work

When a lot of people decide to become artists as a living, they don’t recognize that a professional artist has to do far more than just create amazing artwork. Artists ought to wear a lot of hats, this could mean managing their company’s finances, as well as marketing their company to clients. In this informative article, we'll talk about how you can save time through getting others to help you share your work for you.

The best way to promote your hard work is to get others to accomplish it for you. #portfoliotips

- Grant Friedman (@grantfriedman) March 23, 2013

Marketing your business, and your projects to new clients is essential for the growth of your design business most artists are very busy creating their work, that they don’t have the time to give the marketing needs of the business some time that it deserves.

Marketing a design business frequently involves sharing your work with others. This means posting work to your portfolio, emailing prospects, or another type along those lines. As I mentioned earlier, however, this work can take lots of time, and the results aren’t always very dependable.

In this short article, I need to share a few observations that I are making over the years that might help you reduce a few of your marketing workload through advantage of the viral nature from the Internet to ensure that in the future, you will get others to share your work for you, in order that you have the freedom to do whatever you really love, create amazing things.

Most of you have probably consumed some type of viral content before. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube help it become easy to talk about photos and videos with others. In many cases, viral content has helped visitors to gain notoriety, fame, or even awareness for the cause that they can support.

While it's not likely that the art could make you a viral superstar on the Internet, viral content has lots of potential to assist artists build their reputation and gain clients. Here are a couple of tips used to make your artwork a little more viral.

Convey an Emotional Message

People love to share with you artwork that conveys a psychological message. One from the most recent examples that I can consider is Cristian Girotto’s L’ Enfant Extérieur Series. In this series, Girotto thought we would show what an adult might look like if they were altered to resemble a child. This series went viral and was featured on several sites, including Psdtuts+. While this series was executed exceptionally well, its execution wasn’t the only real reason for its success. It also conveyed an emotional message that virtually everyone can understand, a wish to be young again.

Capitalize on Big Events or Movies

Hollywood spends huge amounts of money promoting their movies. As a designer, you are able to capitalize on this by producing fan art based on popular characters out there films. This instance of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man by Psdtuts+ Author, Sheridan Johns is a really good illustration of an artist taking advantage of a blockbuster film like Iron Man by producing really exceptional fan art that showcases their skill. This piece received over 600 comments on Deviant Art and countless shares from artists and fans from the movie alike.

Convey a Provocative Message

While risky, artists will surely have success producing artwork that conveys a provocative or political message. This piece by Psdtuts+ Author, Mario Sanchez Nevado portrays what one of our readers called "technology killing nature." While Nevado’s piece is an excellent example of this type of content, keep in mind that such a artwork can backfire. So be really careful. You don’t wish to anger or irritate potential new clients.

Create Really Amazing Artwork

While this is fairly obvious, you will need to note that in the event you want work to be shared, it needs being truly remarkable. No one will need to share your hard work if you aren’t producing exceptionally top quality artwork. This little bit of typography by Peter Tarka is a great illustration of really high quality typography and is also something that artists, designers, and bloggers could be excited to share with you.

Speed Art Videos

Speed art videos are a fun way to showcase your creativity and skill, and so they can be easily shared through sites like Youtube and Vimeo. The best thing about speed art videos is they don’t take much additional time to create. Just record your screen in the shadows while you work and carry out some minor editing once you are finished.

While there won't be any guarantees, these kind of videos have a chance to visit viral. If that does happen, ensure that you include a link for a portfolio inside description. That will help direct people back for a website. Marcelo Schultz does an admirable job of using speed art videos to help you promote his portfolio.

Harley Davidson Poster

Place Your Work in the Visible Place

I have talked a good deal about how important it can be to publish work where people will actually view it. This means that you'll want to publish your hard work on sites other than your personal portfolio site, or blog. Post the crooks to Behance, 500px, Deviant Art, Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. If you do that work is considerably more likely to get shared.

Make Your Work Easy to Share

Don’t do anything whatsoever that will prevent people from sharing your work. I recently wrote a write-up that explains this in depth but overall, you ought to become comfortable with people downloading work and posting it on other sites. While this might seem counterintuitive to many artists, you just need to have faith that a lot of people are good and are downloading your artwork for the right reasons.

You should also be careful with watermarks. Don’t get a little obsessive with them. No one will wish to share your projects if there is a huge watermark obscuring everything.

Connect With Influencers

Reach out to influencers within the design community. Get on their own radar to ensure when you publish new work, these are more likely to view it. It also doesn’t hurt to question them should they think your projects is a good fit for them to share. Just remember, don’t be too pushy or annoying. They definitely won’t help you out in the event you get on their own bad side.


I hope that this article has given you some ideas to help you you promote your hard work more effectively. The Internet is full of people who love to share what they find. As an artist, you can certainly tap into that. Keep in mind, however, that these techniques are meant only to supplement your online strategy, to not replace it. Use a strategy which you feel is best fitting for your business and go ahead and experiment and try new things.

If you've got used any other successful strategies that you simply would like to share with you, please feel free to accomplish so within the comments below. I am sure that the readers would enjoy it.

Your guide to Google Now on iOS

(Credit: Jason Cipriani/CNET)

On Monday Google released an update on the Google Search app for many iOS users that added one major feature -- Google Now. Until this release, Google Now was only available on Android devices, although there have been some indications how the service will eventually show up in Chrome. But for iOS users, that is likely the first time you've seen the service, so you may be wondering what it really does and the way it works. Well, let's take a glance.

Get Google Now on iOS

On Android, Google Now is more or less a standalone app, but on iOS, Google needed to include the service in their Google Search app. Download the most up-to-date version of Google Search in the App Store then launch the app. After installing version 3.0 of Google Search, the first time you open the app you may be greeted which has a short walkthrough of Google Now. You'll need to sign into the Google account and then agree to let Google make use of your location along with other information for brings about Google Now.

What could you do with Google Now?

Just like on Android, Google Now on iOS was created to give you information before you even request it. Whether it's the actual temperature outside, just what the commute seems like to/from work, your preferred sports scores or the current price of a particular stock; Google Now tracks this for you without you having to constantly tell it how to proceed. That information is then displayed available as Cards. To view Cards, you'll need to swipe up from your bottom with the Google Search app, to see the top from the Cards waiting to suit your needs.
(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET)

To get rid of a Card you no longer wish to see, you simply swipe towards the right or left to throw it off your screen. When you get towards the bottom of the cards, you need to see a "Show more cards" option if more cards can be found. If not, you'll see "Show sample cards," which is to be filled with fake information, and can provide you which has a general notion of what to expect from Google Now.

Setup Google Now

Google Now can certainly be a tad around the creepy side with regards to knowing specifics of you, however it doesn't know everything. As such, you will have to setup various categories and topics in order to help Google Now.
(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET)

You can customize individual categories by tapping on the "i" in the top-right corner of your individual card. You can also find the Settings icon by scrolling towards the bottom with the Google Now Cards. In the settings for Google Now you will find a total of 15 different categories it is possible to customize and tailor to meet your needs.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET)

By tapping on a category you can turn individual categories completely off, add your preferred sports teams, enter your property and work addresses for commute information, and add stocks to observe.

The Gmail card will scan your Gmail take into account e-mails containing information regarding upcoming flights, incoming packages and after that automatically provide updates for you. Unfortunately, Google Now on iOS doesn't have the ability to provide boarding passes like its Android counterpart.

There are several limitations

If you're Google Apps user, you'll be disappointed to know that Google Now isn't compatible with Apps accounts. Right now, the Gmail scanning service, with the calendar-scanning feature on iOS will simply work having a Gmail account. This is something Android users happen to be asking for since launch of Gmail scanning, and hopefully it's something Google enhances Google Now soon.
A major hurdle Google faces with Google Now on iOS is that it can't run within the background on iOS as it may on Android. On Android, a user will receive advice based on commute times, or score updates without being forced to launch the app, nonetheless it doesn't appear that this is possible with iOS yet. Did you notice you weren't asked to grant the Google Search app permission to work with push notifications? Yeah, me too.

While Google Now on iOS might not be as full-featured as it's on Android, it is a reliable method of getting both monotonous and vital information without having to do excessive work.

Comparing Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 in Drop Test; Who Wins?

S4iPhone5-smallS4iPhone5-smallThis is often a debate that isn’t going to be easily resolved a single article. When it comes to comparing the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5, both of them have solid advantages and disadvantages, plus they both have their particular diehard fans. The folks at Android Authority have their own obvious favorite, yet chose to put the two phones to some drop test to determine just who won out.

The Setup

Those guys at Android Authority are actually trying to win this war for Samsung for many years. When the iPhone 5 first came out, they dropped it in the comparison while using Galaxy S3 and “hated to admit it at the time,” though the iPhone was the clear winner when it comes to quality and sturdiness.

The reason looks like it's because of the utilization of plastic to surround the product. While they tout the plastic surround for aiding in the accessibility in the removable battery and microSD slot, and also being easier to replace if it’s cracked, it turns out it doesn’t execute a whole lot to protect the telephone. As they explain, it’s all tradeoffs, based on what’s more vital to you.


The Test

With the Galaxy S4 available these days, the time had come to test it from the iPhone 5. The testers are going on the assumption that this three basic drops are in the hip while getting of your pocket, through the chest while accessing features including texting, and through the head from using the product features. The Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 were dropped separately from those three positions.

The Results

It turns out that this Galaxy S4 isn’t really any further durable than the S3. Both phones held up well when dropped in the pocket, with the iPhone 5′s aluminum casing suffering just a little damage cosmetically, and also the S4 suffering no damage. When dropped make up the chest, the outcome were the same. Again, the aluminum around the iPhone 5 was vulnerable to the dings, whilst the plastic was unharmed.

However, another drop because of these two smartphones proved to be the deciding factor. When dropped from head level, like losing control over it while talking on the device, the iPhone still only had the most minor cosmetic damage. Yet, the Galaxy S4 received problems for the touchscreen display. At the point of impact, the corner, it had been completely smashed, even though it did disassemble upon impact, the telephone remained usable.


Again, it’s a matter of tradeoffs, deciding which factors are most important to you personally in comparing the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. If you decide one other advantages of a Samsung Galaxy S4 ensure it is worth it, here are just a few methods to help protect your device.

  • Get a lengthy warranty for the phone.

  • Buy an incredibly durable case that can withstand drops.

  • Always treat your phone like it’s fresh and while using utmost of care.

Samsung is probably not alone within this game much longer. Apple is rumored to get releasing a lower-cost iPhone soon, the one which utilizes a plastic body. Maybe they’ll have the ability to figure out how to make a phone having a plastic body resistant to falling apart and cracking the screen.

Content Marketing Trends For 2013

For any organization that has a strong online presence and/or which relies upon the internet for much of their business, content articles are a crucial factor in building and developing visibility on the internet.  Ranged between your customers there may be several 1000s of miles let alone some meddling robots.  Communication is allegedly increasingly easy before in the modern age; however, simply because it’s fast and far reaching that shouldn’t automatically get to mean ‘better’.  Communication hasn't in many ways changed much at all.  There is good or effective communication and bad or ineffective communication.  The fact that you can do either with someone you’ve never met within the blink of an eye makes less difference than you could possibly imagine.  Online marketing techniques have been in their start and are constantly evolving and will probably always accomplish that.  So what may be the key techniques in the coming year in both internet marketing and content production?

Quality and Subtlety

From the dawn of the internet way back in the last century to the present day there’s been a rapid evolution of content marketing tricks and tactics.  Many of these just weren't terribly sophisticated, inside the early days, but recent changes inside the way in which engines like google quantify the ‘quality’ of content have demanded increasingly high standards must be applied to articles.  Behind the changes are a number of factors that are worth understanding; search engines like yahoo rely on the best quality content to maintain their position because the search associated with preference. For giants like Google it is essential that the email address details are useful to users.  The users themselves (that’s we all) have increasing usage of the web in many and often mobile forms and possess sophisticated needs with regards to content.  In terms of marketing (or just being marketed at) users may search forums and Facebook for recommendations than necessarily trust the often blatant attempts of your firms to market their products.  An increasing level of quality is likely to be very important in 2013, alongside a level of subtlety.

Short Attentions or Just Survival Tactics

Much has been given about the short attention span of internet users; but behind this simple truth is the reality that we spend more money and more in our time online.  The increasingly mobile nature of our own online interactions may make these attention spans shorter in a few senses if we’re its not all doomed being road kill.  However, our ‘always on’ lifestyle suggests that the world wide web has our full attention; our attention may flit around but it’s perhaps less short numerous believe.  This has seen a change in content towards a far more in depth, expert approach.  Content writers who will be experts (or expert researchers) must produce content that is certainly above all useful and easily digested.

Centre of Attention

However, beyond our short attention span while looking to cross roads and hide what we’re really around from our bosses’ lies the truth that we are, pretty much, always on.  The internet now delivers a lot more than it did in the early days; a mobile phone is no longer just a telephone but it is now another TV, Radio, Newspaper and conference centre all rolled into one.  It’s another reference library and this may well imply that longer articles plus more focus on blogging and guest blogging may also be likely to be a focus inside the coming months.  Longer in this sense doesn’t suggest word.  One thousand words of padding are, in quality terms, way shorter than 400 succinct accurate and informative words.  Depth and amount of much written content is likely to become a growing feature in 2013.

Quality on all Levels

The growing capabilities that the world wide web can deliver will also drive a need to supply quality content in more formats.  Multimedia content can help to entrap a user’s attention - images and video particularly.  Images have for ages been shoe-horned into content but are already rather generic naturally.  This year the focus on ‘depth’ may possibly include an even more thorough approach to imagery and video - creating a fuller, rounder kind of content that snares the eye of perhaps the most easily distracted reader/viewer/listener.

The Key Message

I’ve split the aforementioned details into various sections, but ultimately there is certainly one trend that is likely to underlie each of the trends in content marketing in 2013; quality first and foremost else.  So what creates this change mean for content providers?  Apart from continuing to appear in a slightly frazzled state, half between one caffeine rush and the next, it’s prone to mean that this research and quality control aspect to the work continue to take a top priority and, perhaps, become our main priority.  It’s a trend that's been growing recently and is likely to be the modus operandi from the future as technology allows easier and permanent entry to the web.

Ian Phillips is often a writer who's a keen interest within the new and interesting content marketing trends which have come into effect. Guest blogging is among these power trends and techniques which assists you to successfully promote your business by making use of quality content.

DST Contributor

DST Contributor

Add Google Now’s Look And Functionality to Chrome

google-now-new-tab-pagegoogle-now-new-tab-pageGoogle Now is a brand new concept from Google that’s about having the right information on the right time. This means having the weather once you wake up each day, getting flight information before you arrive on the airport or having directions for your next appointment before you decide to leave. You can bring the Google Now look and feel in your new tab page in Chrome with a whole new unofficial extension inside the Chrome Web Store. This extension changes your new tab page to look like Google Now and ultimately may even talk with you the way Google Now does.

Getting the Google Now feature is an install away. After the install, the modern tab page will open while using Google Now look.


Google Search and Google Now banner

The first thing you can do with New Tab Page is utilize Google search. You can search the old-fashioned way by typing in a very query or using voice search. Your results will be displayed inside same tab inside usual way the thing is that Google search results.


New Tab Page’s banner representing Google Now actually changes using the time. So, during the night, it will likely be black and during the morning it will be blue the nifty little feature determined by your OS’ current time.

Most recent pages

Below the Google search box, you will note a list of your recently opened pages in Chrome for your day.


This changes daily and is based on how long you might have spent with a given site. Depending on the site or service, you will observe its link, its favicon plus a preview of the you spent the most time visiting on that day. You can click on any of the sites to load and open it inside same tab.


News will display the most up-to-date headlines from Google News.


If you click “More News,” Google News will open for you to see what is happening during the morning. At the moment, fat loss to localize what is the news or change any settings related to it.


Weather will display a nearby weather for your area as soon as you set the location.


You sets your location immediately after you install the extension, if you want to change it out, you simply must uninstall the extension and then reinstall it. Clicking on every day of the week will open tomorrow’s weather details.


Remember once you opened your boring old new tab page and your Chrome apps were listed to help you? This is the ditto except in a very neat little box.


Just click on the app you desire access to, along with your app will open in a whole new tab ready for you to use.


New Tab Page for Google Chrome is a beautiful way to display your brand-new tab page with the use of the Good Now appear and feel, the extension needs some work. Being able to set your news and weather would be a major step forward in its development. You can also suggest extra features or changes to New Tab Page, but tell us first in the comment below what you’d like to see.