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Shape - July 2012 / United States

23 June 2012 04:00

English | PDF | 146 pages | 56.1Mb

Shape your life to get expert style advice for your body type; confidence-boosting beauty solutions; the latest diet and nutrition news; workouts that really work; plus the best ideas for healthy living!


Popular Mechanics - July 2012 / South Africa

23 June 2012 19:38

English | PDF | 116 pages | 52.1Mb

Popular Mechanics is a service magazine covering a variety of information on home improvement, automotive needs, electronics, computers, telecommunications, outdoors, fitness and science and technology. Each issue contains product evaluations, practical applications, how-to information and news of technological developments.


Las Vegas - 24 June 2012

24 June 2012 11:58

English | PDF | 116 pages | 50.2Mb

LVM is the complete guide to everything Las Vegas. Every week LVM features the most current information on gaming, dining, entertainment, shopping, and nightlife selections in the city; with easy-to-use listings by category and dozens of fabulous coupon savings.


Being God

Being God by Robin Price

Being God

by Robin Price

Searching for enlightenment or just wanting to know the truth? Alex was. But what he finds leaves him reeling and adrift in a strange new reality; where he is God stretching out into infinity.

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
Being God – 300 pages, 505 KB (EPUB, Kindle, MOBI, PDF, HTML, LRF, PDB, TXT)

How To Add Recycle Bin to the Windows 8 Taskbar

If you want a simple way to access the Recycle bin, it’s easy to add it to the Taskbar. There’s a couple ways to do it, but I find this method to be the easiest.

First, go to the desktop on Windows 8 from the Metro Start screen.

Desktop Tile

Right click an empty area on the desktop and select Create New Folder.

New Folder

Name the new folder Recycle Bin. Now drag the Recycle Bin over that folder. You’ll see Create Link in Recycle Bin, release the mouse button to drop it.

Drag Recycle Bin to New Folder

If you want to verify the Recycle Bin link copied to the folder, simply open it and you’ll see it.

recycle bin shortcut in folder

Now, take the Recycle Bin folder you created and move it to the Documents folder.

move to Documents

Right click the Taskbar and uncheck Lock the Taskbar – this unlocks it.

Unlock Taskbar

Now right click the Taskbar and select Toolbars >> New Toolbar.

New Toolbar

Navigate to the Recycle Bin folder with the Recycle Bin shortcut you created earlier. Select the folder.

Select Recycle Bin

You’ll see the dotted separator and Recycle Bin next to the Notification Area of the Taskbar.


Right click on the separator. From the menu uncheck Show Title and Show Text. Then Select View >> Large Icons.

Separator Menu

Right click on the taskbar and lock it. Now you have the Recycle Bin on the right side of the Taskbar next to the Notification Area.

Recycle Bin on Right

You can also move it over to the left side of the Taskbar. Make sure the Taskbar is unlocked, left click the separator and drag it to the left side of the Taskbar.

Move to the left

You can move the Recycle Bin all the way to the left, but it’s a bit tricky. Keep dragging it past the items already pinned on the Taskbar. The existing icons will move to the right.

Icons on right

Then drag those over to the left, lock the Taskbar and it will look like the following. Basically, the Recycle Bin is where the Start Menu was in previous versions of Windows.

Recycle Bin all the Way to Left

Here is what it looks like if you install Stardock’s Start8 to get the Start menu back in Windows 8.

Stardock Start8

You can use it just like using the Recycle Bin on the desktop. Here is an example of dragging a document to it.

Move to Recycle Bin

Right click on it, select Properties and you can manage its settings.

Right click Recycle Bin Taskbar

If you’re using Window 7, check out our article on pinning a fully functional Recycle Bin to the Taskbar.

About Brian Burgess

Based in Pelican Rapids, MN, Brian Burgess is Editor in Chief at groovyPost. Got an idea or question? Email it to Brian at

groovyPost Weekly Wrap for June 23, 2012

Lifting the veil on one of the best kept secrets in years, this week Microsoft announced that beginning later this year it would sell two MS branded tables, to be called Surface Tablets. Mr. Groove himself, Steve Krause, brings it on with Microsoft Surface Tablet for Windows 8 Announced.

microsoft surface tablet

Looking for more information on the Surface and other topics? Check out Tech Groove Podcast: Windows 8 for a Million Grandmas, featuring Josh Windisch, Steve Krause and Austin Krause.  Tech Groove, count on a good listen!

Meanwhile, Austin Krause brings us Highlights from Apple’s 2012 WWDC. The news includes new MacBook Pro and Air devices and a new version of iOS 6 without Google Maps. Check out all the Apple goodness.

Apple WWDC 2012 Highlights

Austin also reports that Google Launches Offline Apps to Chrome Web Store. Now you don’t need a connection to use your favorite Google apps.


Is your broadband provider making noises about tracking your usage, maybe even capping it? Then you’ll want to read Austin Krause’s Networx is a Free Taskbar Bandwidth Monitoring Utility.

Networx usage report

Next up, our own Brian Burgess brings us a trio of groovy tips for Windows 8 users. First up is Brian’s How To Dual Boot Windows 8 and Windows 7.

New Drive Recognized

Next, Brian explains How To Add Recycle Bin to the Windows 8 Taskbar.

Move to the left

As as you start to use the cloud service baked into Windows 8, you’ll want to read Brian’s Save Microsoft Office Documents to SkyDrive by Default.

Metro Thumb View SkyDrive

Worried about your visibility on the net. Then be sure to read Stop Facial Recognition on Facebook.

Timeline and Taggings

Tired of waiting for Chrome to open your PDF files?  Then you’ll want to read Hammad Saleem’s How to Disable Built-in PDF Viewer In Google Chrome.

Hammad also writes the security minded Monitor Gmail Account Login Activity to Prevent Intrusions.

Gmail Activity 3

And on the subject of security, Steve Krause continues his security series in Enable the Google Authenticator App for Your Google Account.

scan the code

And finally, two great stories from Bogdan Bele. First, read his Android: How To Disable Touch Sounds and Key Tones.

And finally this week, Bogdan has a survey article for us, be sure to read Five Groovy QR Code Readers for Android.

qr readers

So there you have it. Tons of great information, just what you expect from the groovy team. Check back with us daily and again next weekend for the Weekly Wrap.

About Mike Rothman

Based in San Francisco, Mike Rothman is a tech evangelist and senior writer for groovyPost. Specializing in everyday tools that make life better, email tips and news to