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Render your PC’s on-screen content easier to read


It’s easy to fix your Windows and monitor settings to make documents, spreadsheets, and photo-editing programs more readable.

One simple way to make on-screen content larger in all versions of Windows is to reduce the monitor’s resolution slightly. Though images, text, and icons on the display will be sharper at the recommended resolution, they will be larger at a slightly lower resolution. Do some test-driving with the available resolutions (you can find them via the Control Panel or by right-clicking your system’s desktop), and find one that suits your needs.

Windows 7 offers additional handy options to make your display more readable. First, you can change the size of everything on your screen from 100% to 125% or 150% by adjusting one of your display settings Right-click your screen, choose Personalisation. Display, and then go big, bigger, or biggest. Windows 7 also lets you easily establish a custom size for your text in these settings, and you can turn on the ClearType Text Tuner to make text on LCDs sharper.

Another feature that promotes easy reading in Windows 7 is the Magnifier tool (you can reach it through a link in the text describing the Display options under Personalisation’). Though having this tool on all the time can be somewhat annoying, the Magnifier is useful when you just need to see one thing a little larger. You may want to rely on it occasionally instead of enlarging all of your text or your entire screen.

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