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5 Best Paid To Click Sites To Make Money Online

Here is the list of 5 best (PTC) paid to click sites that I have collected for you as I have promised on the previous post. In this list I have listed the best PTC sites that really pays for your work.

There are thousands of PTC sites on the net that never pay even a cent and I know how it feels when you get scammed by those websites but don’t worry because the sites that I am going to list here are genuine PTC sites that pays.

You can earn from 1 cent to 250 cent per click from this website so go and register on those sites and start making money but remember you will need a PayPal or AlertPay account to receive and withdraw your money.

List of Best PTC sites:


Tips: When you will register on those sites use your real information and don’t try to open multiple accounts on 1 website because if you do that you will surely get your account banned. If you ask me then I will recommend opening an AlertPay account to receive your money because it is much safer then PayPal.

Every morning you will get new ads to click on so to make money you will have to check out the website every morning to see if there is new ads available to click. I hope my tips will help you make money from PTC sites but still if you face any problem then you can ask me for help.


Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Wishing you a great year of the Dragon – a year of prosperity and well being. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Also – Happy New Year Vietnam!

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Creating Disposable E-Mail Address

Now we can easily Make Disposable Email Address Through Just need to visit the website and a random Email Address is alloted to you..then you can receive emails on that id till when you keep the fakemail website window open......this is beneficial ,if you register often for many services and are truly disgusted by useless notification messages in your email account...then only one thing can protect your email accounts....FakeMailGenerator lets learn how to use this website.... will be alloted a random email  In My Case....

You can also Select a custom email id and Get emails on i set the thehackersview@teleworm

But im using Below... :p

3.Next for tesing The service i sent a email from my Gmail ID to ..

and woila....i received the Email on The FakeEmail....


Rohan Sharma
owner and founder

Print Only Selected Text from a Webpage in Windows

When you need to print info from a webpage, it’s annoying getting a bunch of ads and content you don’t need. If you don’t want to waste your ink and paper printing an entire page – just print what you select.

Highlight the text and / or images you want to print. Now in your browser go to File >> Print or simply use the [Ctrl][P] keyboard combination.

select text

The Print screen comes up. Select the Printer you want to use. Then under Print Rage check Selection and click OK.

Printer Properties

This quick tip will save you a lot of paper, time and ink when you only want to print out part of a webpage.

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How To Create Or Make A Facebook Fan Page Easily

If you want to learn how to create or make a Facebook fan page easily then read this post because here I am going to show everything you need to know to create your first fan page.

Facebook fan pages has become very popular because now people are using it for their business and some are using it fun, thousands of new fan pages are created everyday so it’s your turn. Below I am going to show you everything in a step by step way that will teach you how to create a Facebook fan page.

To create a fan page the first thing you will have to do is open the Facebook website and login, after you login you will see a option that’s says create group. As an example you can see the picture below.

Now click on the create group button and a new window will appear like the image below.

Choose your fan page name and you can add the member that can see your fan page post, there are 3 options that you can choose from so it’s up to you to decide what type of page you want to create. After you finish selecting your fan page name and privacy you can create the page by simply clicking on the “create” button.

To make your fan page look interesting add some pictures and add some posts, to increase your fans you can suggest your friends to like your page.  One best way to increase your Fans is by adding high quality and interesting content, I have tried this method and it works! people like interesting content and if you can post good content everyday on your Fan page then you will get repeated visitor.


Sync Microsoft Office Documents Among iPad, PC and Mac

OnLive Desktop is a free app and service that lets you transfer up to 2 GB of Microsoft Office documents between PC, iPad and Mac. Here’s how to have your documents on all three platforms.

First, sign up for a free OnLive Desktop account.

OnLive Desktop Signup

After that, download and install the OnLive Desktop app on your iPad.
install onlive

Then login with the OnLive Desktop account you just created.


Since you already have a lot of MS Office documents, the easiest method is to upload them to OnLive servers. You can upload five documents at a time. Each file can be a maximum of 100 MB in size.

List uploaded files

Launch OnLive Desktop on your iPad and tap the Documents shortcut folder on the desktop.

Onlive iPad

Here is where you access all of the documents synced with OnLive servers. OnLive includes a full versions of Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Excel and Word 2010. If you have OneNote files, you’ll need to use the OneNote app for iOS.

Onlive docs

Now work on your MS Office documents on the iPad while you’re on the go and away from your PC or Mac. As you make edits to your documents, you’ll see a message come up periodically that they’re being synced to the OnLive Servers.

Word Work iPad

If you want to verify documents are saved and synced, double click the check mark icon on the taskbar. Then you’ll see a message that all documents have been synced.

docs synced

Of course you start new documents via OnLive Desktop on your iPad. After they’ve been synced, return to your Mac or PC, log into OnLive Desktop via your browser and access your documents from the file manager.

Onlive Desktop File List

Now you can work on the MS Office files you were editing on your iPad on your PC.

working file PC

If you have the Office for Mac, you can work on documents and sync them to your iPad through Safari just the same as with a PC.

onlive mac

One of the caveats is to remember and save the document again, after making changes. Then reupload it to OnLive if you need to work on it again from your iPad.


The OnLive Desktop service is still young, and according company reps, more improvements are on the way. Having to reupload a file is a small inconvenience for getting a version of Windows 7 and Office 2010 on your iPad for free!

Android users, fear not. According to the company website, a version is coming for the Android OS too.

Macworld 2012: The Silent Frisko (Video)

SAN FRANCISCO: The second floor of the Moscone Center was hoppin’, quite literally, all three days during Macworld / iWorld. There was a DJ spinning tunes and people dancing. It had all the makings of a party except…there was no sound. What does this have to do with the Mac or iOS you ask? Well, that’s a good question because it really doesn’t. Just one example of why people are calling the 2012 Macworld a weird one. But that didn’t stop this group of Apple fans from having fun with it. Here’s a video I took of this crazy phenomenon.

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DreamHost Hacked: WordPress Tells Users to Change Passwords

DreamHost is a popular web hosting provider and domain name registrar. Its hosting network of shared and dedicated systems is generally well-regarded.

Today, though, users online loudly complained they were last to know — and that the company had hours to better prepare them for a forced password change.

DreamHost is advising all customers to change shell/FTP passwords, a move that has website owners in an uproar.

DreamHost Customer Rants

WordPress also Tweeted all DreamHost users are urged to change their passwords asap.

As these types of attacks are happening more and more often to companies, it’s incredibly important to make sure you have strong passwords and change them regularly. Check out our guide on how to create easy to remember strong passwords.

Secure Passwords

This isn’t the first time DreamHost has found itself on the wrong end of the stick. In 2010, the service was down five hours due to a denial of service attack.

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