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Kindle fire: protect password WiFi

One of the new features of Kindle fire 6.2.1 update activation restrictions. Here is how to password protect WiFi connection on the Whiteboard Kindle fire.

Turn on your Kindle fire and tap the gear icon at the top of the screen, press the more button.

Kindle Fire Options

Press Next, restrictions on the settings page.
Kindle Fire Settings

Set enable restrictions for on.

Kindle Fire Enable Restrictions

Create a password by typing it in twice then press Finish.

Kindle Fire Create Password

Next you can see that the restrictions and password protected WiFi is on.

Kindle Fire Restrictions

When WiFi is password protected, displays a key icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.


If someone tries to use your Kindle fire to view anything online, they can now to enter the password you created first.


Turn off WiFi again, press the icon gear then tap the Wi-Fi. Type the password, and click OK.


This function is good, if you do not want your young ones access to Internet content. If you clutter your Kindle a fire, you can use this to avoid the sneaky updates, remove root access.

Seeks more security options for Kindle the fire? Check out our article on how to enable Lock screen password.

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