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How to Make a video that will work on any PC ?

Sending videos to friends and family can cause problems, because not everyone can play the latest file formats. Rather than reformatting your clips each time, MakelnstantPlayer sends your video with its own player, so it can be opened and watched by anyone.

Search for the video you want to send by clicking the Source File box. A dialog box will open. Find and select the video, then click Open.  You can choose any file that can be played in your current media player.
Choose where you want to save the video by clicking the Output File box. Choose a folder, give the video player a name and click Save. It will save the file as a Self-Running Player (.exe) file.

To change the image shown on the player’s loading page, click the Splash File box and choose a picture from your library. To change the video icon, click Icon and select a relevant image .

Use the tick boxes to open the video in Fullscreen or in a compact playerAuto Quitfl will close it after playback. Keep the video in the foreground using Stay on Top. ti Loop plays the video repeatedly until it’s closed. Tick Include Codecs to ensure your recipient can play it.

Once you’ve made all your customisations, clicking Preview will show you exactly how the player will look and how the video will play. Double-click the player to open full screen Press Esc to see playback buttons and a menu.

Once you’re happy with the preview, click Make it. The software will generate a progress log and tell you when the player has been successfully created. Now go to the Output File locationfl from Step 2 to find the file for sending to trends and family,

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