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Discover new music with Earbits internet radio

Earbits Screenshot 1
Earbits is free, commercial free internet radio geared towards helping you discover new music from emerging artists. All you have to do is tell it what genre of music you like and it will deliver a constant stream of music from artists that you (probably) had not been previously exposed to.

Earbits offers the standard degree of social interactivity that you would expect from services like these: thumbs up or down, sharing on social media/Facebook/Twitter, live chat, and of course the ability to purchase music. But it also offers information on the artists being played and the option to preview some of their other tracks. Also available for iOS and Android.

How it works: select your preferred genre. Then listen to music. Skip what you don’t like, get more info on what you do like, thumb things up or down, share music on Twitter or Facebook, yadi yadi ya.

The screenshot below shows the kind of information that you can find on each artist:

Earbits Screenshot 2

The verdict: a nice service. Built for the inquisitive and the curious, not for someone who just wants to hear what they know.  A great platform for emerging artists to connect with exactly that audience which will like their music.

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