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AlberTino Keylogger FREE Full download +Tutorial to Use It

So here comes the tutorial about Keylogging,It Had Been a long Time since i have posted any TUT about Keylogging ,But Today i am Giving away Tool Like ALBERTINO_KEYLOGGER_CREATOR
(This is The favourite keylogger of every hacker,and a must for a hacker to have)

       So Now without wasting any time i will Sart My Tutorial About how to use Albertino_keylogger_Creator

1. Download the keylogger from :

DOWNLOAD  Albertino_Keylogger+Keygen+Crack

2. Install Albertino's Keylogger.

4. Go to and sign up for FTP Hosting.
(If you don't have your own FTP server.)

5. Download any FTP Client. I use FileZilla. (Google "Filezilla"
and download the client and install it)

6.Put the settings and open your FTP account for example if 
you have signed up at byethost then the FTP server will like""
and other information likewise you have registered your account.....
(while opening the ftp account through filezilla,put port no=21)

7. Create a directory named Keylogger, you can put
this folder name in the remote folder box
(This step is optional. It's only to make log files
look organized instead of being in root folder.If you create such a 
folder then create it in ROOT of the server)

8. Open AKC (Albertino's Keylogger) that you have installed

9. Crack it with the keygen provided.(or use keygen to create a key
to make software registered one)

10. Put all the FTP details in. I assume you know other settings.
P/s: If you want to know if the FTP is working, click the
"Check FTP settings..." button after you put all your FTP
Informations. Go to your FTP server and the folder and you should
see a file called "logtest" in it's name. This means your FTP is
(Make sure you are not Connected to FTP server with your FTP client
because most of FTP server do-not allow more than one FTP connection)

11.One can Also Alter Keylogger settings like Name of the keylogger,
Icon of the keylogger,Log name,Hidden Menu,error message..
Moreover one can also set the self-destruct time of the keylogger..

12.It Also Has Keylogger Assembly Settings like description,comments,

13.Once the FTP Settings are set in the "FTP Settings" panel,and other settings are set likewise,and one have checked the test logfile , Click Generate and then compile. Go to the directory where you
installed AKC (Albertino's Keylogger) and look in the folder
"KeyLogger"(Default is C:\AKC\Keylogger). 
You should see your generated .exe

(NOTE:Turn OFF Antivirus While Compiling,Beacuse Your antivirus May Detect The Keylogger
And Delete It As Soon As You will Create It...The Keylogger Will Not Tap Keystrokes unless
you will open no need to worry..!!)

14. Send the .exe file to victim.

15. Check the FTP using the information you use to make that should see the logfile containing the keystrokes of the victim in the Folder "Keylogger"....

Thx For Reading...
Plz share the tutorial if you liked It..Thats all we want from You...

Rohan Sharma
Founder and Owner
"The Hackers View" Association

So We Have Seen How one can Create A Keylogger ,But there are several ways to Protect ourselves from them..The ways will b Dealt with in detail in the next tutorial,so stay connected...

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