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7 Blogging Resolutions to Make in 2012

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With 2012 just a few days away, we are gearing up to wipe our slates clean, embark upon a new 365 days of happiness, health, and prosperity, and bid farewell to 2011. So going along with the theme of a fresh new year, why not add your list of resolutions to go to the gym and eat more vegetables and also resolve to improve upon your blogging tactics?
Take a look at the following seven resolutions to make for a better blog in 2012:

Resolution #1: Provide more value. To give your blog a boost in the New Year, be mindful of providing your followers with the most valuable information that you can. Update your blog on a regular basis with new content for existing readers to view and share material that will lead new visitors to your blog from search engines. People want a takeaway—something that they can reference from your blog and apply to their own life.

Resolution #2: Focus more on building relationships. In order to become a better blogger, you’ve got to cultivate relationships with your readers. When they send you emails or leave comments, it is important to respond in a timely fashion (doing so within 24 hours is a good rule of thumb). Create meaningful dialogues with your followers and make it a point to learn more about their interests so that you can enhance your blog and make necessary adjustments based on their feedback.

Resolution #3: Post more about current issues. Create posts about news that is happening this instant and you are sure to drive much more traffic to your site than if you posted on subjects that were relevant yesterday. Because most of your readers will come from search engines, when something popular is going on in the news or media, thousands of people will be heading straight for Google to find the scoop on the latest info. So that your blog will appear in these searches, help people find your blog by jumping on the biggest, most current stories as they are happening.

Resolution #4: Network more with other bloggers. The blogosphere is a huge platform for meeting thousands of bloggers out there just like you—make friends with them! As you put yourself out there in the blogging community and get to know fellow bloggers, you will make your name more popular and draw attention to your own site. Utilize social networking tools, comment, offer guest posts and even exchange links with similar blogs that have relevant content.

Resolution #5: Proofread more. It goes without saying that you need to double check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. However, many bloggers hurry to publish before making sure that their post is ready to go. If you are careless with your work you will find that sloppy writing and mistakes have the ability to not only destroy your credibility, but they will also hurt your SEO efforts.

Resolution #6: Make it more visually appealing. Now, you don’t want to make your blog completely unrecognizable to your current followers and fans, but you if your blog’s appearance could use a little facelift, then go for it. The way your blog looks can play a major role as to whether or not visitors will stay to check it out or return in the future. To make your site more visually appealing, look for different templates or themes and add new photos. Also be sure to also evaluate the functionality of your blog, adding enhancements or making revisions that need to be made.

Resolution #7: Be more social. If you haven’t already joined the millions of social networkers on the web, 2012 is the year to do it. Because of the popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter, a great way to promote your blog is to hook up social networking sites such as these to your blog’s RSS feed. This will allow you to update subscribers with your latest posts and watch as your blog grows in popularity as well.

Joe Morris is a guest post author who shares with us ideas for New Year’s resolutions to make for a better blog in 2012. In addition to guest posting, Joe also owns Best Free Dating Sites where he offers relationship advice and tips for safe online dating.

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