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10 Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts.


Access your favourite features faster by using keyboard shortcuts to control Chrome. Here are 10 of the best time-saving tips.

CtrI+Shift+ N
Opens a new window in Chromers Incognito mode, which stops the browser storing details of the websites you visit.

AIt+ Home
Opens the New Tab pages which displays your most visited sites, recently closed tabs and installed apps.

Brings up a list of all the software you’ve downloaded and lets you locate programs by clicking 'Show in folder'.

Launches the Open dialogue box so you can open documents, images and other files from your hard disk in Chrome.

CtrI+K or CtrI+E 
Inserts a question mark in the address bar. Type a search term after this to search the web using your default search engine.

CtrI+Shift+ Delete
Opens the Clear Browsing Data box so you can delete your browsing history, cookies, passwords and other data.

Press this keyboard combination and click a link to open a web page in a new tab rather than the current one.

AIt+F or AIt+E
Opens the spanner menu in the top-right corner of the browser so you can customise Chrome and change its settings.

Brings up Chromes Task Manager so you can see which tabs, extensions and apps are running, and close specific processes.

Ctrl+Shift+ D
Lets you save all your open tabs in a new Bookmarks folder.

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