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Photoshop Tutorial: 3D Text Effect

3D Text Effect
This tutorial demonstrates a really cool effect you can use on your text or other "stuff" to make it appear 3D.

Photoshop Tutorial: Burnt Paper Edges

Burnt Paper Edges
 The following tutorial will teach you how to create burnt edges on a picture — only you won't have to use matches this time!

Photoshop Tutorial: Transparent GIFs

Transparent GIFs
 This Tutorial will show you how to make Transparent GIF images, which allow the background color or texture of your website to show through the areas that you define as transparent.

Zoo Tycoon Walkthrough for PC Games

This is my walkthrough for the freeform game, to get your zoo up
and running efficiently and profitably.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Walkthrough for PC Games

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon if an incredibly hard game but
there are
strategies and tactics that work well. The following are the
tactics that I find work best on each level.

Pokemon Red Walkthrough for Gameboy

Red/Blue Pokemon Walktrhough
Pallet Town
Go to the computer and access your PC, get the potion and get
downstairs. Go outside, now go to the very north, you should see
some grass looking areas, go onto it, before you get far, Prof.
Oak will stop you and lead you to his lab. He'll let you choose a
pokemon, choose a pokeball. I recommend squirtle or bulbasaur,
but anyone is fine. Before you get out of the lab, Gary will
challenge you to your first match, just keep on using the first
move. If you win, you get some money, if you lose, Gary gets the
bragging rights. One more thing, your pokemon will grow to level
6 if you win.

Beginning Android 2

Product Description
The Android development platform, created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, is a platform in its truest sense, encompassing hundreds of classes beyond the traditional Java classes and open source components that ship with the SDK.

Chinese Ink Painting: Techniques In Shades Of Blac

Chinese Ink Painting: Techniques In Shades Of Blac
| 128 pages | English | 25MB | PDF |

Carlos Xuma - Get Girlfriend FAST [Audio - MP3]

Carlos Xuma - Get Girlfriend FAST [Audio - MP3]
Xuma | ASIN: N/a | 2007 | MP3 | 244 Mb

Beginning Visual Basic 2005 Databases

Product Description
As one of the most popular programming languages in the world, Visual Basic continues to expand on the functionality and flexibility of its framework. This book explains how to use Visual Basic 2005 to write efficient database applications that can be used throughout an enterprise.

How To Create Full Windows Backup by Imaging Without Using Norton Ghost

Macrium Reflect is a backup and disk imaging software program for Microsoft Windows developed by Paramount Software UK Ltd in 2006. It creates disk images and file backup archives using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service to ensure ‘point in time’ data accuracy. This means that you can create a full backup of your hard drive through imaging even when you’re logged on in Windows.

Recovery Pendrive Deleted Files

I Found This Cool Trick On Magazine

You can either choose to continue erasing the data, cancel it, or dump the file to iBin. If you choose the latter, the file will be transferred to the iBin folder(sort of recycle bin folder).

iPhone Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer is the fastest way to exchange photos from and to your iPhone or iPod touch. Transfer photos over WiFi, no cables or extra software required.

Anti Theft Alarm: stay away from iphone v1.0 iphone ipod touch

The alarm itself is made up of 7 different professionally recorded alarm and siren sounds, all meshed together to produce one gigantic alarm sound.
On top of that, you will hear a "Viper-like" car alarm system type voice that DEMANDS the thief to step away, saying things like:

How to hack BSNL and get free internet service

bsnl free internet service
For connection on pc.

How-to mount an image using Daemon tools

In common use, an "ISO" file is a single file that contains the complete image of a disc. Such files are often used when transferring CD-ROM images over the Internet.

In this guide I will be showing you how to mount a ".ISO" image in a virtual drive to play/watch it.

All of Nokia Secret Codes / Unlocking / Hacks

With Nokia codes or Nokia secret codes you can access hidden features and gain information about your Nokia phone. Many of the Nokia codes are only normally used by Nokia engineers. CyberWarez takes no responsibility for any data loss resulting in using these Nokia codes.

Photoshop Tutorial: Inset Buttons

 The following is a technique every designer should have in their bag of tricks. I use this technique very often when making any sort of interface and it's a handy trick to know. These steps will enable you to make buttons look like they are inset into the surface of an object such as an interface, winamp skin, etc, and can add a great degree of depth to an otherwise flat and boring image.

How to Transfer/Backup iPod files (Windows/Mac)

The guide is created to help people solve the following problems.
(1)People who want to transfer their broken iPod's files back to iPod or iPhone.
(2)People who want to transfer their iPod files to another iPod or iPhone.
(3)People who want to manage their iPod as hard disk but not just syncing their files by using iTunes.
All the need is a smart transfer called AVCWare iPod to iPod/Computer/iTunes Transfer(For Windows) and iMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer(For Mac).

How to extract background in photoshop


Internet Sharing between 2 computers

Illustration of a network using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

First, you need one computer, called the host computer, that is connected to the Internet and that has a separate connection to the other computers on your network. You enable ICS on the Internet connection. The other computers on your network then connect to the host computer, and from there to the Internet through the host computer's shared Internet connection.

iPhone apps for securing home networks

I found that when I go to friends or family's house, they often ask me to verify that their network is secure. I don't usually have my laptop with me...but I do have my iPhone. Browsing the app store I found a couple of applications that have been really useful. Unfortunately, Apple pulled all of the Wifi scanning applications… hopefully you got yours before they did.

Fix the new way Firefox 3.6.3 opens tabs

When opening a link in a new tab, by default the tab will appear next to or near the tab in which the link was selected. Think Internet Explorer or Chrome tab behaviour.

Since IE, Chrome and now Firefox do this, it'll probably become de facto for browsers, but if you wish to remain a new-tab Luddite like me and restore Firefox's previous tab behaviour (where all new tabs appear on the far right of the tab bar), follow the following steps:

How to automatically repair Windows Vista using Startup Repair

If an Operating System is already on the Computer then the following screen will appear stating "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD", hit any key on the keyboard to continue.

Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors Walkthrough for PC Games

Here, developed alone by me and proven to work in online game
after online game is a guide to getting a fast Dark to
Feudal/Castle Time - This method can be used offline or online
but proves more effective for the latter.  Anyway, what to

The Sims: House Party Walkthrough for PC Games


How do you go about constructing your party/living house?

Well the first thing you MUST remember is that you need to build
your house knowing that you are going to be partying all night
long, so put your guests needs before your own, but keep in mind
the fact that you are going to have to live in this house too.

Fable Walkthrough Xbox/PC

Fable, a game promising the chance to live the life of a hero,
making decisions that affect the story later on in the game. The
game succeeded in that promise and I enjoyed it so much that I
thought I may write you a walk-through to help you through it.
I've tried to write it as so that it doesn't ruin the plot too
much (or reveal too many spoilers).
So let's start the guide!

Block All USB Drive From Your PC

a simple registry TRICK TO BLOCK USB drives (do it with care)

Hide Entire Drives Partition Without Registry And Any Software

Here Is A Cool Technique Which Hides Entire Hard Disk Drives By A Simple Procedure.

This Is The Best Security Tip To Be Employed Against Unauthorised Users.

Wireless Internet Handbook: Technologies, Standards, and Applications

Wireless Internet Handbook: Technologies, Standards, and Applications
AUERBACH | 2003-03-28 | ISBN 0849315026 | PDF | Pages 632 | 6.44 MB

Wireless applications are definitely the next big thing in communications. Millions of people around the world use the Internet every day - to stay in touch with remote locations, follow the stock market, keep up with the news, check the weather, make travel plans, conduct business, shop, entertain themselves, and learn.

1000 Photoshop Tricks

1000 Photoshop Tricks

Create PDF Files from Microsoft Office 2007 Document

You can create Portable Document Format (PDF) file from microsoft Office 2007. PDF is a fixed-layout electronic file format that preserves document formatting and enables file sharing. You can save as a PDF file from a Microsoft Office 2007 only after you install Microsoft PDF Add-in.

Windows XP: List of Services can be Disabled to Increase Speed

XP has a ton of services enabled by default. By knowing what these services do (or don’t do), you can really speed up your system by disabling the ones you don’t need.

Many services can be modified to increase the speed of your system. If you take a CPU = air conditioner analogy.If you use your A/C during the summer, it’s helpful. If you use it during the winter, it’s a waste. Here is my suggestions for the settings of the services:

How to RIP Games

OK lets start, a rip is a game that is compressed with cutting movies, music, intros.

NOTE: to delete intros, music, movies, just go to the main game folder and delete them.

NOTE: Make sure to have a crack before making a RIP and make sure that the crack works. Here's a site to use to find cracks:

Cheat for XP Games

Secret - Reveal Mines

Instructions - Minimize or close all running applications. Launch Minesweeper, then type xyzzy. Next hold down either shift key for one second. Now when you move the mouse cursor over a Minesweeper square you will see a tiny white pixel in the top left corner of your desktop screen. This pixel will change to black when your mouse moves over a mine. You may need to change you desktop background to a solid color other then white or black to see the pixel.

Just Cause 2 Prima Official eGuide

Just Cause 2 Prima Official eGuide

The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom Prima Official eGuide

The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom Prima Official eGuide

Bad Company 2 Prima Official eGuide

Bad Company 2 Prima Official eGuide

15 Secrets on Windows XP

1. Useful key shortcuts available:

- Windows key + D - shows the desktop
- Windows key + M - minimizes all open windows
- Windows key + Shift + M - maximizes all open windows
- Windows key + E - Runs Windows Explorer
- Windows key + R - shows the RUN dialog
- Windows key + F - shows Search window

Use Trial Software Forever

Now we download stuff almost daily. New products pop out so often. You can use any software forever you want. You can download trial version, right. Trial version expires after some days. You can stop that expiration. You can tell trial version of the software to not count days or do not bother about time. The software will stay and keep working like original software forever and will not expire or cease to work. You do not have to change your system clock. This little software does it all.

Web Designer | Issue 134

Web Designer | Issue 134 | PDF | 46.66MB

Premier Guitar - April 2010

Premier Guitar - April 2010
English | 192 pages | PDF | 74.60 Mb

Premier Guitar has the latest in guitar information and equipment along with music interviews, product reviews, and much more.

Traditional Home Magazine May 2010

Traditional Home Magazine May 2010

English | 164 Pages | 100MB | True PDF
Traditional Home's unique niche is classic design. It's about quality, craftsmanship, elegance and authenticity. Traditional style is the foundation of good design - it's not tied to an age or a time. Traditional Home gives you the confidence to mix classic and modern in order to create a fresh, personal look that fits your lifestyle. You'll also be able to navigate through the design process that inspires you to interpret classic design in a modern way.

Professional Builder Magazine February 2010

Professional Builder Magazine February 2010

English | 74 Pages | 50MB | True PDF

Professional Builder is the magazine for professionals within the residential building industry. Articles cover industry news, company profiles, market reports, construction technology and merchandising information needed to successfully complete each job.

PC Pro 2010 June 2010 MZA

PC Pro - June 2010 (UK)
English | 172 pages | PDF | 49.9 Mb

PC Pro is one of several computer magazines published monthly in the United Kingdom by Dennis Publishing. PC Pro also licenses individual articles (or even the whole magazine) for republication in various countries around the world - and some articles are translated into local languages.[citation needed] The magazine is, as of 2006[update], the biggest selling PC monthly in the UK

Mac Format - March 2010

Mac Format - March 2010
PDF | 133 pages | 61.6 Mb | English

MacFormat is full of practical, authoritative and passionate Mac advice. We're dedicated to covering everything Apple does, including the Mac, iPod and iPhone. Every issue brings you reviews of the latest Mac kit, help and advice and a disc packed with full programs and the latest demos. We’ll make sure you get more from your Mac!

How to Test your RAM

How to Test your RAM

Guide Overview

The purpose of this guide is to teach you how to check whether your system's RAM (Ramdom Access Memory) is working properly. Bad RAM can lead to a whole host of problems, often which do not appear to have a single cause -- appearing as systemwide glitches, blue screens, and other system trouble. MemTest86+ provides a very good detection mechanism for failed RAM, and is about as good a test you get short of actually replacing the module itself.

How to Use A Proxy?

How to Use A Proxy?

Here is a complete Graphical tutorial for using Free Proxy with Firefox. By using a Proxy, you can browse internet anonymously. Also a proxy can be used for browsing blocked sites like Orkut and MySpace

Boost Your Internet Speed By GPEdit-Very easy way

Windows uses 20% of your internet bandwidth by default! Microsoft reserve 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes (for updates and interrogating your machine etc..). Here's how to get it back.

Remote Upload Mu to Rs

The procedure is very simple.

First you go for the configurations of your account premium in Megaupload and you deactivate the direct Downloadings.
Now you open in the voyager the link of the file to Megaupload's remote to Rapidshare and you stand up in the image that you say to Discharge File, you give him Right-Hand Click Opening in a new windows tab.