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... from The White Nights Festival in Perm, Russia 02.06.2011.
This is a kind of trance that called a psychedelic trance. Special for you I cooked a unique in style, which contains various genres, such as ambient, chill out, full on, goa, progressive and melodic trance, dark and night psytrance.
Listeners will love it. Please welcome this new thundering, really motivational, aggressive powerful dance track with new musical ideas – mystic and hypnotic intro, arrangements of synthetic drums with orchestral percussion, heavy bass line, submarine echo-sounder, filtered stereo noises, space lead synth, atmospheric pads, electronic chip sounds, distorted electric sounds, massive TB-303 acid line, as well as a great number of the special effects and rhythmic fills.
Any use – as a musical background for websites, in flash action games (water racing, sea battle etc), hi tech news radio/tv programs, military video, also at night clubs, gigs, festivals, dancefloors and at summer open air parties at night with flashlights. This is an example of the variety and richness of a music that is constantly developing new ways to express itself.
Enjoy the hard music!

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