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Spreading Joyful Holiday and Christmas Cheer is what this track is all about!
It’s a beautiful song with a fun orchestral arrangement that’s as crisp as a winter’s snow.
The main song has female lead vocals and female backup vocals that have been mixed and mastered for a retro feel while still being completely contemporary.
Bonus tracks:
We also have an instrumental version and an instrumental version with melody played by marimba. That’s a 3 for 1 holiday miracle!
All 3 versions can be heard in the preview as follows:
With Vocals: 0:00-0:56
Instrumental: 0:56-1:52
Instrumental with Marimba Melody: 1:52-end
The holiday tracks come in WAV and MP3 format:
HappyHolidays.wav – 0:56
HappyHolidays.mp3 – 0:56
HappyHolidaysInstrumental.wav – 0:56
HappyHolidaysInstrumental.mp3 – 0:56
HappyHolidaysInstrumentalWithMelody.wav – 0:56
HappyHolidaysInstrumentalWithMelody.mp3 – 0:56
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays from us to you!
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays from us to you!
May the season bring you happiness
And perhaps some snowflakes from above.
But most of all may the season bring you
Peace, joy and lots of love!
Happy Holidays
(Happy Holidays)
Happy Holidays from us to you!
Happy Holidays
(Happy Holidays)
Happy Holidays from us to you!
Happy Holidays!
Written, mixed and mastered to make your product STAND OUT!
Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions. Thanks!
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