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Download After Effects Project Files Translucency VideoHive Download Here : Some words about the project Behind 'Translucency' you can find the Idea for transparent material that react to the surrounding environment and the objects behind. All light elements and particles are connected, so if you want you can change camera position or make new cam paths. You'll need optical flares and particlular plugin to run this project Featuring 'Translucency' works with AE CS5,CS 5.5, CS6 and CC -- PLUGINS NEEDED -- Particular 2.1 or higher, Optical Flares 1.3.3 or higher - resolution -- FullHD (1920*1080) framerate -- 24 fps - duration -- 24 secs - works with all language AE versions (expression universalizer is used) - rendering time -- 80 mins (on I7 core quad) - videotutorial -- regular and advanced(english version) - 1 logo(high-res raster or vector), 1 text - two methods to extracting logos (contact me if you have problems) - THEME controls(color, glow, particles etc.) - CAMERAS position fine tune - for advanced users -- CAMERAS ANIMATION (all elements in the scenes react to new cam positions) - LIGHT animation - LIGHT LEAKS transitions are shooted with Sony NEX 5N + PLANAR 50mm/1.8 Sound fx and music for 'Translucency' You can find HERE the soundtrack 'Inspiring Dreamy Logo 5'(not included) created by Romosel-Exclusive DON'T FORGET TO RATE! contact me 24/7 via my profile page if you have questions about the ''Translucency' project

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