After Effects Project Files Slanted Cuts VideoHive

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Download After Effects Project Files Slanted CutsVideoHive Download Here : Full HD 1920×1080 This Project file is CS4 and CS5 compatibledownload Each scene duration is 15 sec & extendable as per requirementdownload For any other resolution & frame rate contact medownload Add or delete scenes as per your requirementdownload No need of any 3rd party plugins 100% customizabledownload Help file Included for customizing the Projectdownload Audio and font not Includeddownload Pictures are ONLY for preview purpose and are not included in the downloaddownload Feel free to contact me on any queriesdownload LINK FOR PREVIEW PLACEHOLDERS IMAGES PLACEHOLDER IMAGE _1 http://photodunedownloadnet/item/fashion-brunette-girl-with-magnolia-flowers/2488217?WTdownloadac=category_thumb&WTdownloadseg_1=category_thumb&WTdownloadz_author=Subbotina PLACEHOLDER IMAGE _2 http://photodunedownloadnet/item/romantic-beauty-vintage-styled/1158904?WTdownloadac=category_thumb&WTdownloadseg_1=category_thumb&WTdownloadz_author=Subbotina PLACEHOLDER IMAGE _3 http://photodunedownloadnet/item/secret-agent/656529?WTdownloadac=category_thumb&WTdownloadseg_1=category_thumb&WTdownloadz_author=Yuri_Arcurs PLACEHOLDER IMAGE _4 http://photodunedownloadnet/item/sexy-brunette-elegant-woman/2648929?WTdownloadac=category_thumb&WTdownloadseg_1=category_thumb&WTdownloadz_author=stryjek AUDIO WHICH I USED FOR PREVIEW http://audiojungledownloadnet/item/hip-hop-003/1133841?WTdownloadac=portfolio_thumb&WTdownloadseg_1=portfolio_thumb&WTdownloadz_author=Mipla Please Vote if you like itdownload Thank you Thanks!

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