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Download After Effects Project Files Photo Album VideoHive Download Here : This Photo Album template is very easy to customize. It will help you to relive your memories and to keep your favorite photos in video format. Main Features -Video Tutorial -20 Image Placeholders -15 Background Photos included (and links where you can find more background photos) -Easy To Customize Background Ideas 1) In preview video you can see one example how you can use this template -- „four seasons" one spring, summer, autumn and winter background image. 2)You can put background image of some city that you visited, or four city images, one for each part of animation. 3) If you want advertising album for your business, you can use interior photo of your place (restaurant, bar, hotel, pizzeria, shop, spa...) as background. 4) You will get great album if you put some video as background, (landscape video). Use videos where camera does not move, for realistic and better results. 5) Photo of your home, garden.. could be nice unique background image for birthday or other celebration albums. 6) Use nature photo of some tree from different angles, and place each image in different background tab. Images and Stock Footage not included, they are from great Photodune authors: Intro Image Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 Image5 Image6 Image7 Image8 Image9 Image10 Image11 Image12 Image13 Image14 Image15 Image16 Image17 Image18 Image19 BG Image 2 BG Image 3 BG Image 4 Music created from "WalterAcoustic" you can find and purchase it here Font used in project can be found here

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