Zotope RX3 Advanced 3 How to use Dereverb


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ylr-KHmPJTw RX is packed with numerous features to enable you to remove unwanted noise from your audio, restore clipped audio, resynthesize missing audio and much more. With the new RX 3 and RX 3 Advanced you can... Work up to six times faster thanks to under-the-hood processing enhancements and a redesigned user interface. Remove reverb and ambience from vocals, instruments and more using the revolutionary Dereverb module in RX 3 Advanced. Clean up dialogue on the fly with RX 3 Advanced's all new Dialogue Denoiser -- the new audio standard for realtime dialogue treatment. Never lose an edit again with the unlimited Undo history, saved automatically into the new RX document format.

Title Post: Zotope RX3 Advanced 3 How to use Dereverb
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