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Looking for the good-looking magazine template for your forthcoming website? Then obtain a load in the DIYWP Blogger template created by Lasantha Bandara of Premium Blogger Templates. As you may have guessed according to its name, the appearance and feel in the design is adapted derived from one of of WordPress’ popular themes. It is a nice 2-column layout template using a straight-forward concept: a medium-sized image slider with all the social media widget clearly visible right beside it together using the ever so essential search box function.

It is sold with standard widgets located on the right sidebar consisting with the Popular Post widget, Archives, and Labels, all beneficial features for the user for quick navigation inside the site. Below it will be the RSS and Subscribe buttons together with all the social sharing buttons. The posts offer an image thumbnail, jump link (or ‘Read more’ button), and comment section.

The template is especially customizable, through the header logo and favicon because of the meta tags. One caveat is that it is fixed width, thus it won’t accommodate different screen sizes. In other words, it’s not responsive.

You can check out the live demo here and find out if it suits you. If you’re satisfied with what you see, you will find download link HERE in addition to more details concerning any configuration.

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