Cool Websites and Tools – Securely Sending Files, Movie Recommendations, & Configuring Google Glass

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Send Files Securely - makes it secure and simple to send files. Choose from a totally free plan without account registration to transmit and receive files or upgrade to your pro plan with added features. Files are securely transmitted using HTTPS, and securely stored with high-grade encryption (AES 256-bit). Copy your file’s unique link and email it to anyone.

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Movie Visor - What are you in the mood to observe right now? Movievisor can help you find something to fill your cravings. Give Movievisor the thumbs up or down, and will also customize its recommendations. Suggestions come from Netflix, Amazon Instant and Hulu, with more sources to become added soon. You can see reviews for every movie around the page at the same time.

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Super Sleep - is a small, free and powerful program that will make sure your monitor stays asleep before you decide to wake it up. Super Sleep ‘locks’ a monitor in power save mode - to get up only when you press a specific hotkey, that you can customize. Although this is not the intention of the program, Super Sleep may also be used as a quick privacy protector.

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MyGlass - MyGlass permits you to configure and manage your Google Glass device. There is really a remote control/input for screencasts, also as touch/swipe/tap to regulate the Glass UI with the screencast experience.

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Editorially - makes collaborative writing easy. A plain text writing environment enables you to focus about the words, not the presentation. Compare any two versions and easily see what’s changed (or go back to an earlier version in order to). Invite friends and colleagues to acquire feedback, then tuck their comments dealt with while you work. Check in on activity feeds and know at a glance what’s happening.

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