Beautiful Birds Wallpapers [Wallpaper Wednesday]

From striking blue to hot red, birds come in so many different colors that it's simply impossible not to fall for them. Be they during flight or perched, flaunting their beautifully colored wings or seeking the next meal, these are a sight to behold, also to have on your desktop.

As we are in another mid-week, color birds consider center stage this Wallpaper Wednesday. Let these 18 beautiful birds wallpapers brighten every day until we hit the weekend.

50 Amazing Wildlife & Animal Wallpapers

Cardinal Bird. Available in 1920×1080.

Cardinal Bird

Eagle Art. Available in various sizes.

Eagle Art

Colorful Bird. Available in various sizes.

Colorful Bird

Blue KingFisher. Available in various sizes.

Blue KingFisher

Red And Blue Birds. Available in various sizes.

Red And Blue Birds

Birds Flower. Available in various sizes.

Birds Flower

Birds. Available in 2560×1600.


Green Parrot. Available in various sizes.

Green Parrot

Love Birds. Available in 1920×1200.

Love Birds

Quetzal Bird. Available in various sizes.

Quetzal Bird

Green Colored Bird. Available in 1920×1080.

Green Colored Bird

Parrot Family. Available in various sizes.

Parrot Family

Minimalism Bird. Available in various sizes.

Minimalism Bird

Raven. Available in 1920×1080.


Red Bird. Available in 1920×1080.

Red Bird

Pair Of Parrots. Available in various sizes.

Pair Of Parrots

Mixed Color Bird. Available in 1920×1200.

Mixed Color Bird

Colored Bird. Available in various sizes.

Colored Bird

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