The Taxi Driver Photographer

Next time you’re on the cab ride in the Big Apple, it might be worth taking the time to get to know your driver. You might be fortunate enough to hail David Bradford, a cabbie who uses his driving duties so that you can experience the city and capture it’s personality using a small Yaschica point and shoot camera. Watch this short clip about his mission below:

Before Bradford loved photography, he'd already developed himself as an artist through drawing, an enduring passion he dedicated twenty years to. His creative abilities were easily transferred in to the photography medium as we discussed in these samples of Bradford’s portfolio. He shoots primarily in grayscale, about what appears to 35mm film. The inherent graininess and grit of the film really results in Bradford’s style.


“The first day driving I realized, wow, I really possess a front row seat on New York City. When I use a camera in hand I feel engaged using the city.”

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