Improving the Web (Advances in Computers, Volume 78)

Improving the Web (Advances in Computers, Volume 78) By Marvin Zelkowitz Ph.D. MS BS.
2010 | 368 Pages | ISBN: 0123810191 | PDF | 4 MB

This is volume 78 of Advances in Computers. This series, which began publication in 1960, could be the oldest continuously published anthology that chronicles the ever- changing information technology field. In these volumes we publish from five to seven chapters, 3 times per year, that cover the latest changes towards the design, development, use and implications pc technology on society today.

Covers the entire breadth of innovations in hardware, software, theory, design, and applications.
Many with the in-depth reviews are getting to be standard references that continue to be of significant, lasting value in this rapidly expanding field.

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Title Post: Improving the Web (Advances in Computers, Volume 78)
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