Cool Websites & Apps July 31st 2013 – Coverbud Facebook Photos & Driving Test Exam Papers

Today in Cool Websites and Tools, we check out 5 cool websites, including customizing your Facebook timeline using a high resolution cover picture, reviewing past driving exam papers to offer you the edge in your test, a place to try out programming languages with minimal setup plus more. Read on below!

Metronome - The Metronome has come full circle using this free online version through the guys at 123. Find the tempo and supercharge your rhythmic state with a real metronome. Choose from many BPM’s, patterns and beats the following to find the groove. From hand claps to 808 drum and snare, musicians will definitely make use of this fine tool. Whether you’re a guitarist, drummer or singer, this app are a wide help.

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Coverbud - Coverbud lets you create unique and personal cover photos for your Facebook timeline. You can personalize any cover the truth is on the homepage with your own personal photos, text, and colors. Simply authorise Coverbud to get into your Facebook account, pick a design from your site, customize it to your liking, then Coverbud will publish it in your timeline. Quick, easy, and straightforward. Each cover photo is a high res image and looks great.

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Bazqux Reader - Are you one of many Google Reader refugees hunting for a suitable replacement reader? Then look no further than Bazqux Reader. It shows websites and comments a single seamless stream, tracks the fact that was read and displays only new discussions the very next time. Comments from Reddit, Livejournal, blogs with comment feeds, Disqus and Facebook widgets are supported. Unlike Google Reader however, Bazqux is really a paid product, costing either $9 12 months, $19 12 months or $29 a year. All users get thirty days free.

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Driving Tests 101 - Your driving test is probably one of several biggest events in your life. Passing it'll earn you your driving licence, and knowning that, an entire world of possibilities throw open. So getting ready for the test becomes extremely important, and like every test preparations, the best results will come from studying previous exam questions. This is what Driving Tests 101 is about. Simply choose your country and province as well as the relevant tests will be.

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CompileOnline - Just follow the simple steps to compile and execute any favorites programming languages online using your favorite browser and with out any setup on the local machine. Select the programming language you would like to write, write it within the text editor provided, then click the button to talk to your output. It’s neat, tidy and free.

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