Wyze Launcher For Android Offers Auto App Sorting, Smart Search & More


Android Launchers have been in existence in a variety of sizes and shapes. Apps like Nova, Apex and GO Launcher are actually reigning this genre of Play Store for a long time now, with many others come and go while gaining different numbers of attention. This is a class of apps containing the ability to go completely off the rails with customization, so an app has got to come with plenty of features or most users won’t bother getting it, especially considering third-party launchers are widely-used primarily by customization enthusiasts in the first place. Although Wyze Launcher might not exactly be described as a game changer, it certainly has what it takes for a launcher for use as a daily driver by many. Wyze Launcher provides a lot of settings that has a few innovative features that make it stand out from all kinds of other similar apps offered by Play Store. Read on following your break for additional information.

On the surface, its just like most launcher replacements; you will get home screens to place widgets, app shortcuts and make folders, in addition to customization options to tweak the said home screens and the app drawer. Wyze appears to be inspired with the Holo interface, and remains faithful to Android’s design principles. Before I go any additional, permit me to just highlight a number of its key features. The first noticeable feature show up in the App Drawer, which basically allows you to sort apps as categories. But that isn’t essentially the most interesting bit; electronics equipment ? innovative is its ability to automatically categorize apps into ‘Main’, ‘Apps’, ‘Games’ and ‘Other’ tabs, meaning you won’t should do it all on your own. You can also sort the app view between list and grid types. The pretty-much self-explanatory widgets category is additionally there.

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Almost every launcher lets you create folders on the home screen to help keep it organized, and Wyze isn't any exception. Though unlike the free versions of most other launchers, Wyze also allows you to organize all of the apps within your app drawer into folders with all the tap of a button, as well as automatically names these folders according to the class of apps they are carrying. For instance, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ are put into under Social. Other types of categories include Lifestyle, Productivity, Tools, Music, Audio etc.

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The app also possesses a smart search feature that lets you easily find any app on your device. In addition, you can lock the layout to prevent any accidental changes, and change the App Drawer’s background. Lastly, you are able to instantly get yourself a bird’s eye look at your homepages by swiping from the left edge of the screen, which also lets you instantly jump for your desired one having a tap.

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To sum it up, Wyze is often a decent Android home screen replacement app that stays near to stock while adding a few great features on the app drawer. Even though it doesn’t boast anything groundbreaking, its categorization features and simplicity of use make it worth a shot.

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