Wheel Introduces A Quick New Way To Apply Photo Effects On iOS


There is the odd exception of course, but most iPhone photo editors are meant to be used for casually beautifying images. Even if you use a photo editing app fairly regularly, it isn’t too likely you could name even half the image filters for sale in it. The whole reason for effects is usually to give the photo a brand new, refreshing look. That is why any fan of casual photo editors will love Wheel. This iOS app enables you to edit your photos without putting in any effort in any way. The app automatically picks a mixture of different image adjustments and filters for your loaded photo, but in addition keeps the door open for user input, since the intensity plus some other aspects of the effect may be altered by spinning the wheel that shows up on the screen. Wheel even includes a few gestures which can help you share your photos or undo a big change after each step.

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The way Wheel handles photo editing is reminiscent from the Color Surprise app we covered for Windows, as the UI could have taken hints from Convex for iPhone. To get started, just spin the wheel before you see the ‘Camera’ or ‘Photo’ option. These two buttons permit you to load photos you want to edit inside app. The camera in Wheel doesn’t have special features, as each of the editing takes place only after having a photo may be loaded.

It is virtually impossible to recreate the outcome you get with Wheel during an editing session, because the app offers a vast variety of filters and combos. A good way to start is shaking your device, which triggers Wheel to utilize a random blend of filters, blurriness and adjustments to the look. You can then change different properties with this combo by moving the wheel in a direction. To undo any change, just long-press the photo, after which drag your finger downwards. Going upwards removes all filters and lets you start from scratch as many times as you want. Once you are satisfied, hit the knob at the bottom of the screen to show it blue. Now you can save the edited photo in your camera roll, or share it over Facebook and Twitter. The wheel boasts an entry for sharing pictures online websites through email.

Wheel can be a free and universal app. It can come in handy every time you are feeling lazy but nonetheless want to make your photos look cool.

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