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I can't accept it took becoming a Mac user to learn VueScan way back in 2002. I downloaded the trial version with an old Mac, launched the applying, and without issue scanned documents natively with a UMAX scanner that hasn't seen new Apple drivers since 1998.

You must not be a Mac user to comprehend this degree of compatibility - VueScan also works well with Windows and Linux. You also don't need a 15 year old scanner either, though if you have one, odds are good it is going to work with VueScan.

The TWAIN drivers typically used by scanning are bypassed entirely, which looks like it's more effective regarding program speed. Scanning via VueScan appears to be faster than when utilizing native drivers in some instances. Most of us will get by with the basic preview, crop, and scan solution at the core of this application.

If you might be a power scanning user there's an advanced version having a long list of cool features more comprehensive than I can document here. Lets just say, in case you wanted to configure something about your scanner, this app can probably do it. Most of us probably have a very scanner or two that still works coming from a mechanical standpoint, but has stopped being supported by our most recent operating system upgrade. VueScan solves these incompatibilities on over 2100 different scanner models.

Registration enables you to use the application form on as much as four machines. The trial version watermarks scanned images. If you use a smartphone, VueScan Mobile costs nothing for iOS or Android. [Win/Mac OS X/Linux $39.95 or $79.95]

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