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It is not the easiest of tasks to recollect passwords for all you WiFi networks you utilize regularly. On most devices, once a password is entered for any hotspot, you can forget about it as the next occasion the device connects into it automatically. When you switch to a new device though, or ought to tell the network’s password to some friend, things can get really tricky if you don’t remember it. On a desktop and even Android devices, techniques of viewing saved passwords for authorized networks without too much fuss. In the past, we percieve tools like SterJo which can be capable of listing passwords for those recognized networks on your own desktop inside a few seconds. If you are using an iOS device, though, there has never been any easy strategy for viewing old passwords for WiFi networks. However, jailbreak users can finally have a solution to this problem, thanks to the newly released NetworkList tweak, which adds a directory of all your saved WiFi passwords towards the WiFi area of the Settings app.

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A large amount of Cydia tweaks add menus of their own towards the stock Settings app, but NetworkList is among the very few that produce change to a pre-existing section of Settings. Once you have installed NetworkList for your device, head for the Settings app and open its WiFi section. You’ll start to see the tweak’s menu here, labeled ‘Network Passwords’. To view the list of all the secure WiFi networks you have ever joined in your iPhone, together with each one’s password, hit the arrow next to this section’s name. Even should you are not trying to find old passwords, NetworkList may be of use just for viewing your WiFi connection history, as iOS will not offer every other way of viewing past networks which might be not currently in range. Of course, networks that you've asked your device to forget don’t show up in the tweak’s list.

NetworkList just displays passwords, and does not offer any method of using them networks. Even something as simple as copying a string is not supported by the tweak, and you have to do all the work manually. Having said that, NetworkList is unquestionably one in the most useful Cydia tweaks we have seen in a very long time. You need to keep in mind though, that using NetworkList means that anyone with access to your device can simply get your WiFi password. If this privacy and usefulness tradeoff seems fair for you, proceed to give NetworkList a go by heading to the BigBoss repo from the Cydia store.

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