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Author: Craig Campbell
Duration: 2h 4m 40s | Release date: July 31, 2013
Homepage: https://tutsplus.com/course/using-grids-in-web-design/

Building your site with a grid method is great for the clean and organized layout. But how happens it and why can you build one over completely from scratch? Here you’ll find every one of the answers.

  • Welcome

    • Introduction

  • Introduction to Grid Systems

    • What is often a Grid-Based Design?

    • Popular Grid-Based Systems

  • The 960 Grid System

    • Exploring the 960 Grid System

    • Coding With the 960 Grid System

    • Exploring Unsemantic

    • Using Unsemantic

    • Twitter Bootstrap

    • Coding Columns in Bootstrap

    • The Bootstrap Fluid Grid

    • Foundation

    • Coding Columns in Foundation

  • Why Create Your Own System?

    • Why Create Your Own System?

    • HTML for a Four-Column Layout

    • Calculating Widths

    • Resetting Styles

    • CSS for a Four-Column Layout

    • Creating a Three-Column Layout

  • Conclusion

    • Final Thoughts

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