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Author: Jeffrey Way
Duration: 2h 10m 16s | Release date: July 31, 2013
Homepage: https://tutsplus.com/course/the-mvc-mindset-2/

Still feel stuck inside age of procedural, messy code that rises in flames the minute you need to make an addition? There are better ways, and it’s generally known as MVC.

  • The MVC Mindset

    • Hello

    • Laravel Installation

  • Anatomy

    • The Pitfalls of WordPress

    • The Anatomy of Laravel

    • The Anatomy of Rails

  • M-V-C

    • Views

    • A First Step to Controllers

    • Dedicated Controllers

    • Redirections

    • Models 101

    • Models 101 - Part 2

    • Models and Scoping

  • Projects Exercise

    • Models and Migrations

    • Controllers

    • Creating New Tasks

    • Deleting Tasks

  • In Closing

    • Be Careful With Models

    • Conclusion and Further Learning

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