Track, Access & Wipe Your Lost Or Stolen Android With Droid Finder

Know that a sense helplessness when you misplace your cellular phone, or worse, contain it stolen? Losing your smartphone can be scary as a consequence of all your private data like SMS, contacts, photos, emails, and sometimes even financial information that resides into it or is accessible from this. On the flip side, you can save yourself from such nightmare through the use of various security measures of the OS, along with third-party apps accessible to enhance it. If you’re unsure where to start, take Droid Finder for any try. In case your Android phone goes missing, this app might not only help you locate your missing device, but additionally send you pictures of the intruder using the device’s front facing camera. It uses your Google account to evaluate your device, pinpoints its location on Google Map API and enables you to track it via its web-based dashboard.

Droid Finder is quite easy to setup. Upon launching it, just tap ‘Sign in’ at the pinnacle, after which you can link your Google+ account with all the app. The app boasts a wide array of features such as anti-theft, intruder alert, SMS control, SIM change alert etc., and provides you full flexibility and treatments for the ones you want to enable or disable. All these features are initially disabled though, along with the app prompts one to ‘Fix it’ by tapping the each.

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You must also lock your device using a Pin or Pattern Lock first in order to use any with the Anti-theft options from the app. You can enable/disable your desired option via simple on/off switches. Intruder Alert is actually comparatively handy for remotely locking your device with the web-based dashboard. Though where things get important is the Trigger Modes screen, which allows you choose and activate four different types of triggers: silent, medium, aggressive or custom, that are basically self-explanatory. As stated earlier, Droid Finder could also capture photos of anyone who experimented with access your phone, meaning in the event the device is stolen, those photos might potentially teach you the thief. Also, just in case you’ve just misplaced your device, a photograph may help you remember in which you left it.

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The rest in the things are done on the internet based control center, which basically enables you to remotely overcome your device and also locate it using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi location, and showing it on Google Maps. To get started, you'll be able to go to the Droid Finder site and sign in using your Google+ account.

Droid Finder Web

The control center looks pretty nice and simple to navigate. Of course, your device have to have one from the available communication options enabled to ensure its location to be tracked. You could also find out in the event the SIM card inside the handset continues to be removed or replaced. Other than that, you are able to send a text or email to your device, lock it, wipe data, manually capture an image using its camera, or perhaps dial your number as a result.


Droid Finder can be acquired at Google Play free of charge. Just use the download link below to get it for the device.

Install Droid Finder from Play Store

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