Torch Music For Android Is A Social Song Discovery App From The Torch Browser Team

Music discovery apps like Spotify, Grooveshark and Soundcloud are awesome for hearing latest music at no cost, but not any of them offer an option to stream music videos. If you’re looking for an app that fills the void, try Torch Music - the most recent effort from your team behind the well-known Torch Browser. This web and Android app lets you stream your favorite music videos and curate personal playlists that you pick. It’s a social networking in itself also, that allows you to connect your Facebook account by using it and once connected, it is possible to share your music using your friends and follow other Torch Music users. That said, you can even search for tracks and artists directly, or listen to what’s popular at this time.

The interface from the app looks clean and simple having a flat design throughout. When launched initially, Torch Music asks you to login to your Facebook account; just tap the pertaining button to begin. Alternatively, you can tap No Thanks, but that could revoke any music sharing features, needless to say. The home screen with the app carries album cover art as thumbnails for albums and artists, that are basically playlists manufactured by various Torch Music users. You can scroll down this home screen to reveal additional content. In addition, you can find a small playback bar towards the bottom edge that permits you to control what’s you hearing right now. Swiping horizontally enables you to switch between ‘Everyone’ and ‘People I Follow’.

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Tapping any thumbnail reveals the complete track list in the playlist, accompanied by a tiny Play button. You can also tap-and-hold on the song to instantly start playing that track. As stated earlier, Torch Music streams music from YouTube, using different channels about the service with the objective, like the ever popular Vevo, among a great many others. You cannot specifically find the channels to stream music from; however, the search function comes in handy to watch out for specific tracks or artists. Torch Media cites that this app continues to be in very early release and rolled out in order to get initial feedback for bettering future versions, and iron out every one of the bugs before the final release.

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Overall, Torch Music is an extremely feature-limited app at this time, but has a lot of potential being a great music discovery application. It’s available for free at Google Play and can be accessed about the web at the same time.

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