Top 10 Mouse Tips to Improve Your Work Productivity

Today I was just playing with my computer's mouse and I found some cool tricks and hidden attributes of getting things carried out by mouse.
You is capable of doing various actions and tasks just from the mouse such as closing an eye on web browser, zoom in and zoom out,switching tabs, selecting random test and copying it to clipboard at once.

In this post, I will discuss various uses and tricks of a mouse for your computer. I will explain ways to improve your productivity through the use of these secret mouse functions.

Here are some of the features and functions of a mouse that many of your won't know.

  1. Holding down the Ctrl key, then double visit different parts of text document after which click Ctrl+C to repeat those random text parts simultaneously. This will be worthwhile when you need to copy selected words or lines from your document with file.

  2. Hold down shift key, select the beginning of a paragraph at the endpoint to focus on desired text, then Ctrl+C to copy the selected text to clipboard.

  3. Press on the mouse wheel on the link to open the link in new tab inside a browser.  Press around the Mouse wheel on any open tab to shut it down.

  4. Zoom in and out on any webpage, word document by holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling around with mouse wheel.

  5. Hold around the shift key, Scroll around to move forward and backward while browsing internet in any internet browser. This will enhance your web browsing experience.

  6. Double click to select a word, triple click to choose whole paragraph, double click then drag the mouse to pick one word at a time in different browser or document.

  7. Highlight any word or text line, drag it to any place, window or any other text area to paste the highlighted text or line. This is very useful for filling various web forms.

  8. Move your Mouse pointer automatically for the default button in the dialog box by enabling "Snap To" function  under Pointer Options under Mouse Properties. 

  • By enabling Snap To feature, the mouse cursor will automatically moves to Ok button (default action button in a variety of dialog boxes). 

  • The new mouse devices have some additional nearly everywhere buttons also to perform various functions. These buttons might be configured to accomplish custom functions for example moving back or forward while browsing internet. This will boost your productivity and browsing experience also.

  • Last but most famously, you need to use your keyboard arrow keys as an option to mouse by configuring it through Control Panel. You can enable mouse keys  by shortcut keys Alt + Left Shift + Numlock.
    If all of you have any other tips to play with mouse device, please do  present to us through comments.

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