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“Boycotting a tech company since they once did a thing that was unfriendly to Open Source?
Wow, all the best buying any tech gadget in those conditions.
Think regarding it. No, seriously. Take service repair shop, look back decade. All companies finish up in the Open Source Internet Beam Of Hate at some point or another, not at all times for good reason. I've felt that heat myself several times in the last few years, I know very well how it's like to be hated with the people you're wanting to help.
Even the firms that attempt to put Open Source above anything else screw up, either simply because they make mistakes, or perhaps because inside the Open Source world there are many different interests anyway that it's impossible to please everyone.” 
-Jean-Baptiste Quéru

The AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Maintainer, Jean-Baptiste Quéru just announced his retirement last August 7. Quéru was generally known as JBQ, without his works, we cannot enjoy Android at its best, especially with custom ROMs. Being a AOSP Maintainer doing work for Google, he build factory images (images are instances of stock Android runs).

Why did JBQ quits?

Jean-Baptiste Queru

  The release of the Nexus 7 as well as the patent setup of Qualcomm could possibly be the reason why JBQ quits. In able for JBQ to develop images, he need usage of the source code utilized in every model. But he is not allowed to access these binaries minus the permission in the manufacturer.

  Because Nexus 7 chipset is powered by Qualcomm, JBQ is troubles on building factory images and binaries.

  “All three Qualcomm-powered Nexus devices also have issues related to publishing factory images and binaries… Qualcomm is notoriously protective of their technology.” -Android Police.

Jean-Baptiste Queru2

Here’s another post of JBQ on Google+. Talking about petition. I’m so much amazed with this particular guy, extremely humble.

But I’m very sorry of the just did happen. I didn’t imagined that it will led to this.

Wish you luck and thank you for your contribution on the Android Community.

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