The Essential Guide to 3D in Flash

The Essential Guide to 3D in Flash
2010 | Rod Bateman, Richard Olsson | friendsofED | ISBN: 1430225416 | PDF/CODES | 280 pages | 29.4 Mb

If you are an ActionScript developer or designer and you would like to work with 3D in Flash, this book is good for you. You will learn the core Flash 3D concepts, while using open source Away3D engine as a primary tool. Once you have mastered these skills, it will be possible to realize the number of choices that the available Flash 3D engines, languages, and technologies have to offer you with Flash and 3D.

Describes 3D concepts in theory and their implementation using Away3D
Dives right in to show readers how you can quickly create an interactive, animated 3D scene, and builds on that experience throughout the book
Each chapter posesses a number of tutorials that give attention to one specific feature or band of features

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