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  • August 7, 2013

  • By Dave LeClair

Technophilia 75 Live From MakeUseOf

This week on Technophilia podcast, we’ll demonstrate how to shoot things to keep things interesting, profit, and also the ultimate goal of removing Justin Beiber from the Internet. Also, Microsoft is becoming a little additional time to change the SkyDrive, we’ll “help” them create a new one, and Zynga is suing “Bang With Friends” because apparently these are only ones permitted to do stuff using their friends.

This week, we are being joined by MakeUseOf’s own Christian!

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MakeUseOf News You Can Use

  • You are now able to get imgur in your iPad and iPhone.

  • Shoot things you dislike for fun and profit.

Tech News

  • Comcast is working on “helpful” copyright popups.

  • Sky has consented to give Microsoft a “reasonable amount of time” to rebrand SkyDrive.

  • Another reason never to use Android: remote microphone activation by FBI.

  • The Queen a speech able to give for World War III, inside 80s.

  • Zynga is suing “Bang With Friends”, simply because they apparently own the “With Friends” market.

  • Google reverses Net Neutrality stance, because apparently selling broadband means you must become evil.

  • The “Hacker Madness” tactic.

  • Japanese bathroom goers susceptible to remote bidet assault exploits - Bluetooth and toilets, an incredible mix.

  • In case you didn’t know, turns out the government does, in fact, read emails with no warrant.

  • Apple faces 5-year ban for e-book price rigging conspiracy

  • As if users aren’t already annoying with Facebook, its set to let companies play 15 second auto-playing videos.

  • trouble in the US and UK for enabling internet bullying.

Gaming News

  • Everquest not prepared to give up in the fight against WOW with the announcement of Everquest Next.

And needless to say, we've got plenty of feedback from my loving, albeit slightly crazy, listeners.

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Dave LeClair

Dave LeClair (Twitter), has become writing reviews of iOS games for many years, and it is a big time gamer on Xbox [websterrjh]. You can watch Dave play DOTA 2 on his Twitch stream @

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