Sync Any Folder on Your Mac with Your Favorite Cloud Service

Sync Any Folder on Your Mac with Your Favorite Cloud ServiceOne of the things that about utilizing a cloud storage service is the truth that most never let you sync folders on your desktop. Instead, you need to add files to new folder that's created including “Dropbox” or “My Drive” and then those files are synced to that particular cloud storage. This also creates more meet your needs because any time you want a file to get synced inside cloud, you will need to manually move it onto the cloud storage folder.

Luckily, MacDropAny can change all of that for you. It allows you to easily sync any folder on your own Mac along with your favorite cloud storage. This means forget about moving files derived from one of folder to a different. When you include a file with a folder that’s synced towards the cloud, it's going to automatically be included with your cloud service. Not only that, but this will allow you to have usage of any folder on your computer from anywhere within the world, through cloud.

MacDropAny supports Dropbox, Box, Copy, Google Drive, iClouDrive, and SkyDrive. Here’s the way it work.

Syncing a Folder

1. You’ll should download MacDropAny from your official website and install it on your pc. Note: MacDropAny is compatible with Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.

2. When you first open the application form, you’ll need to read and agree for the terms of Zibity Software by simply clicking on “I accept.”

You'll have to agree to abide by the regards to the Zibity Software License.

3. Next, you’ll need to choose a folder to sync using the cloud. In the dialogue window that happens, browse towards the desired folder and click “choose.”

Note: Alternately, it is possible to drag a folder to the MacDropAny icon in Finder or on the Dock, or right click a folder in Finder and select “sync via MacDropAny.”

Choose a folder on your desktop to sync using the cloud.

4. Now you’ll should choose the cloud service you want to sync your folder to. As mentioned above, you'll be able to choose Box, Copy, Dropbox, Google Drive, iClouDrive, or SkyDrive.

Choose the cloud service that you want to sync your folder with.
5. Now you’ll need to choose where you’d like the folder to get located as part of your cloud service, and then click on “choose.”

Choose where inside cloud service you'd like the folder to get located.

Note: This will only work if you have the appropriate cloud service application installed on your own Mac, since you’ll should choose the folder from within that cloud service’s folder via Finder. Here are the download links for each and every: Box, Copy, Dropbox, Google Drive, iClouDrive and SkyDrive.

6. Enter an identity for the cloud copy from the folder. It doesn’t necessary have to be the same as the folder on your hard drive; it is usually whatever you’d like.

Enter an identity for the cloud copy with the folder.

7. You should go to a confirmation letting you know that the folder is currently synced with your cloud storage, also it should start syncing on your pc.

MacDropAny folder sync success confirmation message.

You’ll then have the option to sync another folder or quit the applying.

Un-Syncing a Folder

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what you should do if you no long require a folder to sync to the cloud. Well, all of this depends around the service which you’re syncing to.

If you’re using Dropbox or Copy, all you need to do is delete the required folder inside your Dropbox or Copy account via Finder.

If you’re using another service, you’ll ought to move the folder from your cloud service back its original location. If asked should you want to replace the folder, make certain you do (click the “replace” button).

Final Thoughts

Now, you no longer have to move entire folders to your cloud storage. You can simply sync them in a few minutes. Plus, you’ll also be able gain access to the folders that you choose from anywhere inside the world on another computer or perhaps your mobile device, all due to MacDropAny as well as the cloud.

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