Stop Spam Comments in 4 Easy Steps

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When blogging, one of the better ways to build links is simply by blog commenting but it is sometimes abused by many users posting spam. Spam surveys are very annoying in particular when you’ve already linked with your visitors.

Many new bloggers who may possibly not have enough information about blog commenting may get in trouble by  allowing commenters to write irrelevant and repetitve links within their comment body, thus spamming their site. That is not recommended. If you want to build backlinks, you must only allow valuable comments to be posted inside the comment section.

To prevent spammy blog comments, you might use captchas just like other bloggers do, but it can be troublesome particularly for commenters.

So Ankit Kumar Singla provided us with some tips that may help you get the following:

  • Stop spam comments from being auto-published.

  • Only quality comments get approved.

  • New posts cost nothing from moderation which improves interaction while using readers

  • Newly published posts get maximum comments.

  • Readers become more active when comments on new posts get published instantly.

Steps on how to Prevent Spam Comments:

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Post and comments

  2. In Comment Moderation settings > Comments section > select Sometimes

  3. Enter number of days provided inside text field. You can put any number of your choice.

  4. Click Save Settings found at the top right corner.

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