Pro Python System Administration

Rytis Sileika, “Pro Python System Administration”
ISBN: 1430226056 | 2010 | EPUB/MOBI | 416 pages | 10 MB/12 MB

As time proceeds, system administrators are presented with increasingly complicated challenges. In the early days, a team of engineers probably have had to manage one or two systems. These days, one engineer can administer hundreds or a huge number of systems.

System administrators are gradually replacing their tools with additional advanced and flexible ones. One of the choices is Python. Structurally, Python is a modern, high-level language having a very clean syntax. Python includes many built-in libraries that may make automation tasks easier. It also has extensive group of third-party libraries as well as a very active development community. This flexibility makes Python a good choice for a wide selection of tasks, from prototyping science applications to system maintenance and administration jobs.

This book explains and shows the way to apply Python scripting used. Unlike almost all of the Python books, it will show you the way to approach and resolve real-world problems that most system administrators will see in their careers.
In this book, you will discover several projects inside categories of network administration, web server administration, and monitoring and database management. In each project, we are going to define the issue, design the perfect solution, and glance at the more interesting implementation steps.
Each project is followed by the source code of a fully working prototype, which you’ll be capable of use immediately or adjust to your requirements and environment.

What you’ll learn

Solve real-world system administration problems using Python.
Manage devices with SNMP and SOAP.
Build a distributed monitoring system.
Manage web applications and parse complex log files.
Automatically monitor and manage MySQL databases.

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