Open Command Prompt in Windows 8?

The Command Prompt in Windows may be included in all versions of Windows. It is a handy command line interface program that can be used to execute commands. For example you can use the command prompt to complete the ping command.

The Windows 8 operating system has a different design plus previous versions of Windows you'd probably access the command prompt through the start menu. But when this version was released, individuals were asking the place that the Windows 8 start menu was?

Not exactly that. Windows eight is built for touchscreen technology computers so you can touch on your path to the command prompt or use a keyboard.

How to Access the Windows 8 Command Prompt with a Touch Screen

1.  When you are around the start screen, swipe up in the bottom in the screen and then touch around the All apps icon.

2. On the Apps screen, swipe to the right. Under the Windows System heading, touch on Command Prompt.

Windows 8 command prompt

Now you are able to type in your command.

How to Access the Windows 8 Command Prompt which has a Keyboard

  1. If you’re using a keyboard you'll be able to open Command Prompt via its shortcut on the Power User Menu, which you can access by pressing the WIN and X keys together. Then click on Command Prompt. Click Yes to the User Account Control message that appears.

How to Access the Windows 8 Command Prompt using a Mouse

  1. Right click anywhere for the Start screen and after that click for the All apps icon.

Run An Elevated Command Prompt

Some commands you have in command prompt will require administrative privileges just as they did in the last versions of Windows. If you have a rapid commend prompt of the question will say Administrator: Command Prompt. Otherwise you will only see the title with the window as Command Prompt.

To run the command prompt from an increased position simple right click (or touch and hold) for the Command prompt option within the Windows system menu. Then choose Run as administrator through the menu that may show at the bottom from the screen.


  1. If the thing is any kind of error you may need administrative rights to own the command prompt.

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