NPS Image Editor Offers A Blend Of Photoshop & MS Paint-Level Editing

Having high-res cameras in our smartphones provides for us the luxury of capturing pictures anytime, but sometimes, the end results aren’t quite up to the mark. Those of us familiar with professional-grade photography and photo editing use Photoshop to remedy any flaws within their captured images, however the tool isn’t built to be employed by just about anyone. So how about testing something simpler? NPS Image Editor is a great Windows image manipulation tool with user-friendliness since its main selling point. The UI looks quite basically, nevertheless packed with each of the essential tools and features that an image editing software of the kind needs to have. Keep reading for additional details.

The application itself is fairly lightweight, meaning even your old machine would have no problem running it. You can apply quick touchups for your photos, and do a lot more too. The interface contains a barebones design that features a tools section on the left and a color swatch pane to the right. Upon its launch, the app insists upon add a picture to get started. You can also drag and drop a picture over the interface to skip a number of steps.

NPS Image Editor

If you’ve ever spent some time with older versions of Windows Paint utility, the tools section should be something you will find fairly familiar. It carries each of the basic tools like airbrush, eye dropper, paint bucket, shapes, text, basic brush, pencil and the like, and ultizing these tools is quite simple in case you haven’t used a picture editing app before.

Tools Palette

While you won’t find any extensive photo editing capabilities  with this application, it includes enough features for the majority of users, large menu at the pinnacle being one too. The interesting bit this is actually the Swatch palette submenu, which allows you to instantly switch among numerous options for your color requirements such as EGA, Grayscale, Full Spectrum, NPS Legacy as well as MS Paint. Other than that you'll be able to invert colors, pick channels and perform a few more actions.

Color Swatch

The image menu allows you to resize the look or canvas, along with tweak different factors of the style like offset, skew, flip and rotate. The Tile option lets you create a tiled pattern from your image using rows and columns of your choice.


There’s practically no limit about the number of tiles you're allows to generate. You can also add text for a photo through the Text tool in the equipment section, and change the words color for your choice.


In my opinion a picture editor is incomplete without filters or effects. Fortunately, NPS doesn’t disappoint in this department; you will find a bunch of image effects beneath the Filter menu. This is one aspect in the app that reminded me of Photoshop. Even the Filter menu layout is very similar to that offered in Adobe’s powerhouse, and allows you to control several aspects of the picture under several categories like Adjustments (brightness and contrast etc.), Artistic, Blur, Color, Distort, Legacy, Noise, Render, Enhance, HSV/HSL and ColorYUV_YCbCr.


There a wide range of more areas to explore in this photo editing app than I’ve mentioned in the post, including some advanced options which you may like using. NPS Image Editor is often a free application that works well on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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