Nokia Releases A Pack Of Elegant Utility Apps For All Windows Phone 8 Devices

Before smartphones took over, Nokia had been the king of mobile devices. The brand was most common for making phones which were incredibly tough along amazing battery life. When the Finnish company announced its partnership with Microsoft, people were anticipating Windows Phone devices having similar traits, but a smartphone does have to sacrifice a few basic utilities and its battery life in order to accomplish more complex tasks. That’s what these units have apps for though. Thanks to a number of very simple apps, your WP8 can work as a stopwatch, flashlight, or countdown timer. Finding the right apps for many these tasks could be a bit of the headache though, and that’s likely exactly why Nokia has decided to to discharge set of utility apps for those WP8 users. These apps are already released by a Polish company, in partnership with Nokia.

Battery Pro+

Battery Pro  WP8 Battery Pro  WP8 Screen

Battery Pro+ is often a really simple app that permits you to keep track of the complete remaining battery of your device. Apart in the remaining battery percentage, users buy to see the estimated time left before their phone is need of the recharge, that is calculated determined by their past usage. An hour-by-hour analysis of your battery usage is additionally displayed at the end of the screen as a graph. Bluetooth, WiFi and Data connection might be toggled right from within the app, too.

Install Battery Pro+ from Windows Phone Store

Level Meter Pro+

Level Meter Pro  WP8 2D Level Meter Pro  WP8 3D

This app has two modes: you'll be able to measure vertical/horizontal stability from the first screen, as the other you have a three-dimensional crosshair that allows you to ensure that a surface is very flat in all directions. In addition to the visual meter, Level Meter Pro+ also demonstrates to you exact angle values for every mode at the top in the screen.

Install Level Meter Pro+ from Windows Phone Store

Flashlight Pro+

Flashlight Pro  WP8 Flashlight Pro  WP8 Colo

WP8 has two types of flashlight apps: ones who use the camera LED, and others that just brighten the screen to produce an illusion of an torch. Flashlight Pro+ comes with both modes, along with an additional SOS mode. On the second screen, it is even possible to select the color you want to fill your screen with.

Install Flashlight Pro+ from Windows Phone Store

Stopwatch Pro+

Stopwatch Pro  WP8 Countdown Pro  WP8

Stopwatch Pro+, as the name suggests, can be a fully functional stopwatch. Another section of the app can be used to initiate a countdown as well, there are multiple time templates to provide you started quickly.

Install Stopwatch Pro+ from Windows Phone Store

Find me Pro+

Find Me Pro Find Me Pro  Wp8

This app does just one single thing, that is certainly providing users with a quick and hassle-free strategy for finding their current location’s coordinates, and viewing it on a map.

Install Find Me Pro+ from Windows Phone Store

Egg Timer Pro+

Egg Timer Pro
This app appears to be a bit too specific, but could prove to be useful nonetheless. Egg Timer Pro+ can help users boil eggs to perfection by showing a timer depending on the egg’s starting temperature, desired hardness and size.

Install Egg Timer Pro+ from Windows Phone Store

All these utility apps are around for free, but feature ads. Give them a go, as some of them could be really useful in a lot of situations.

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